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Healthcare is a medium difficulty side quest given to the Hero by Cecil in Dead Island: Riptide.


The Hero is tasked to find some morphine for Cecil so he can help his injured patients.


  • Talk to Cecil to start the quest
  • Cecil is doing his best to care for the injured people here, but he desperately need morphine for some of them who are in severe pain. He suggests a nearby pharmacy to check for it.
  • Exit the Makeshift Hospital via the front door and immediately turn right and run for the scaffolding. If you sprint you should make it before the zombies catch you. Climb up and over.
  • Dropping down, head away from the Quarantine Zone down several alleyways until you reach a couple of short stairs down. Head down them to reach a pharmacy.
  • The store is abandoned, but you need to check a couple of the shelves for morphine, as indicated with a use icon, but there's no luck.
  • The hero will then automatically contact Jacqueline at the Old Town Cinema via radio. She suggests trying the Military Base to see if they have anything there.
  • Follow the waterfront to reach the military base. It's hard to miss and it's straightforward to just make your way along the waterfront to it. There's usually a Screamer close by though, so be ready for it.
  • Once at the Military Base, go through the main entrance and take a left rather than going right under the archway.
  • There's usually a special, high health, named Wrestler at the steps, but he's covered in a toxic cloud. As such, a basic flare gun or fire weapon can easily take off chunks of his health.
  • Once he's dead, go up the stairs and start searching the medical tents for morphine. There should be a bottle of it on a medical cabinet next to one of the beds.
  • Grab the morphine and make your way back to Cecil. You can either return to the Old Town Cinema and fast travel to the hospital, or make the walk on foot. Either way it's a hazard. A Ram will be in the courtyard in front of the Cinema while a Screamer lurks with Infected in the courtyard in front of the Hospital.
  • Talk to Cecil to hand over the morphine and get your reward.


  • This is one of the two quests you need to complete to unlock the achievement/trophy First Do No Harm.
  • This is a good quest to do while completing the main quest Militarized Zone, as you'll be going to the military base anyway.
  • There's a lot of special infected in Henderson, so be wary of Rams, Wrestlers and Screamers as you make your way to the pharmacy.
  • The pharmacy cash register can give you a nice, quick cash injection.
  • You don't need to kill the Wrestler at the military base to complete this quest, as he's so slow you can just avoid him, but you miss out any XP and loot that way.
  • Using mines is a good way to kill him. Lay a mine in his path and then stand a good distance behind it. The Wrestler will come forwards regardless and step on the mine.