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The Hazmat Runner is a zombie featured in Dead Island 2. They are variants of the Runner and are commonly found around the Halperin Hotel and The Pier.


Hazmat Runners, like Hazmat Walkers and Caustic-X Walkers, are former CDC personnel who have since transformed into zombies. Their hazmat gear makes them immune to CAUSTIC damage, enabling them to move through it with ease. Despite this, they are still vulnerable to shock and fire damage and their legs can be maimed easily. Hazmat Runners behave in the same manner as normal Runner in that they are very fast and are capable of dodging attacks and interrupting the player. Like other Runner variants, Hazmat Runners can be turned into Crawlers if their legs are maimed. They can also be momentarily distracted with Meat Bait.

Notable Hazmat Runners[]




Name Criteria Description
First Blood Hazmat Runners are recently infected members of the medical teams who were studying the zombie virus.
Under The Skin Hazmat Runners are immune to CAUSTIC damage and cn run through puddles of Caustic-X with ease.
Sliced To The Bone Hazmat Runners can be found in medical areas, CDC camps, and any locations used for corpse processing.
Deep In The Guts Kill 50 Hazmat Runners They are fast, and can quickly overwhelm victims. MAIM their legs as soon as possible!

Zombie Challenge[]

Name Challenge Description Reward
A New P.B.
A New P.B. 1 Kill 50 Runners
A New P.B. 2 Kill 100 Runners
A New P.B. 3 Kill 1000 Runners
  • AGILITY+++