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The Harpoon is a firearm introduced in Dead Island: Riptide. It can be given as a quest reward, sold by certain merchants and found in Metal chests or on killed zombies.


Harpoons are actually quite a powerful firearm for being acquired so early on, usually being obtained after the Nail Gun and Flare Gun. They can be bought rarely from merchants but one is given as a quest reward a short way into the main quests. They require their own type of ammo Harpoon Ammo, which limits their use, however these projectiles can be collected after firing like Nail Gun Ammo, meaning so long as you can find your harpoons again, it has infinite ammo.

Compared to regular rifles, Harpoons do more damage per shot, but have a vastly slower fire rate, especially given that they have a clip size of one, requiring a reload after every shot. They also have a slightly lower head shot damage multiplier (3.5x vs. 4x); however, Harpoons do bonus damage to all limbs (1.3x), a feature not found on any other firearm. The Harpoon also only accepts a very limited number of weapon mods, only able to be modified with the Shock Gun and Rifle mods.

Harpoons require Harpoon Ammo to be fired. Harpoon Ammo is incredibly rare, literally the rarest ammunition in all of Dead Island: Riptide, appearing only in three locations near the Pinai Ferry Station. Besides those points, Harpoon Ammo cannot appear randomly on any containers or on defeated enemies. It can only be obtained from specific merchants, who will sell the ammunition one unit at a time for $450 each (before any discounts).


The Harpoon can accept certain firearm mods:


  • The Harpoon is most commonly obtained as a quest reward for completing the main quest Way of Science, given by Harlow Jordan. Upon completion of the quest the Heroes are rewarded with an Uncommon Harpoon.
  • Certain merchants can sell Harpoons:
  • For some reason, the Harpoon can accept both the pistol and rifle version of the Shock firearm mod.


  • Amanda was intended to sell Rare Harpoons, but due to a mis-naming in her shop inventory she does not.