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Hard Talk is a very easy difficulty main quest given to the Hero by Ryder White in Dead Island.


The Hero must return to Mowen's Boat and speak with Mowen


  • After listening to Ryder White on the radio in Dr. West's lab, travel through the lab to the fast travel map. Make sure to say goodbye to all the scientists in there, as this'll be the last time you see them.
  • Use the fast travel map on the wall to travel to Mowen's Boat.
  • If you don't want to use fast travel, take the Jeep from outside and just drive back.
  • Either way, head over and talk to Mowen.
  • He'll admit that he does actually know the way to the Prison and that he owes it to you for saving his life twice.
  • First, however, he needs fuel and supplies for the boat from Moresby.
  • Head onto the boat and interact with the helm to travel to Moresby. This will complete the quest.


  • This is a very easy quest as you can just fast travel straight to Mowen and have the quest done in minutes.