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The front of the hangar

The Hangar is a location featured in Escape Dead Island. It is a part of the airfield located on Narapela and was where the aircraft of the airfield would be kept for repairs or storage. Cliff Calo has to enter the hangar to retrieve one of the security keycards to open the main door in the security office.


The hangar is a large corrugated semi-circular hangar with concrete ends. The front of the hangar has a large opening door to allow aircraft to be wheeled in and out, as well as supplies such as boxes and barrels to be brought in. Next to this door is a regular single door for foot access by maintenance personnel or the aircraft crew. The sides and rear of the hangar has some boxes and the like stored up against the walls of the hangar, so they don't take up room inside. Inside the hangar is a light aircraft, the same one Xian Mei crashed in, as well as a car against the left hand wall. There's a lot of GeoPharm boxes, likely stored from the staff village next door, as well as barrels which are also labelled with the GeoPharm logo. There's a set of metal stairs at the back of the hangar which lead to a small office and balcony overlooking the inside of the hangar.


  • You can find security keycard 1 here, attached to a Spitter which needs to be killed.
  • The aircraft inside the hangar is identical to the one crashed outside, except this one is yellow rather than red.
  • The Passport can be found inside the hangar, up a metal ramp to the left of the entrance.
  • Taking a picture of the aircraft with the Camera gives Snapshot 31.
  • Taking a picture of the car with the Camera gives Snapshot 78.
  • Taking a picture of the TV with the Camera gives Snapshot 85.