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For the similarly named pathogen, see Pathogen HK.
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HK1 is a Journal featured in Dead Island 2. It is one of the collectibles possible used to gain the achievement Bookworm. It is part of The Truth series, specifically the Autophage section. It consists of two journal excerpt from Reuben Reed.

The first excerpt describes the discovery of Autophage, dormant in every human. It hints at how Reuben discoverd the Autophage and the trouble involved in 'curing' Autophage. The second excerpt describes the difficulty in activating Autophage before the 'zero-clock' is reached and mentions that human trials on 6 individuals have begun.


Received from the Skope in GOAT Pen in Bel-Air, under the TV of the ground floor.


<Eschaton Journal Excerpt/Dr. Reuben Reed/8th JUN 2001>

Studying our own, modern genome and that of ancient branches of humanity, including Neanderthal and Denisovan samples, we unearthed a startling fact: at its heart, human DNA has a ticking clock, and this clock is ticking down.'

There is little point in discussing the technical details -- the 'holographic' nature of the meta telomeres or the breakthroughs in A.I. pattern recognition that made this discovery possible -- but it is important to understand that this clock is no single set of genes we can identify. There is no one element common to every genetic sequence, which would facilitate identification. This clock exists on a meta level. It is a faint signal within the noise, a whisper in the gale.

There are three important facts of note:

1. This clock is fundamental to the workings of the human genome. We cannot safely remove it.

2. Each 'tick' of the clock is not precise. There is a range of decades within which populations may be separated.

3. Calculations suggest that the first populations to hit 'ZERO' will do so around 2160 A.D. -- the beginning of the age of Aquarius -- with an error margin of +/- 12 years.

We MUST find out what this zero-clock state means for humanity BEFORE it occurs naturally in the global population!

<Eschaton Journal Excerpt/Dr. Reuben Reed/21th OCT 2010>

Computer modelling confirms that with our retro virus carrier -- HK1 -- we will be able to 'spoof' the zero-clock state in human cells.

This process is a numbers game -- only a tiny, tiny proportion of cells infected with HK1 will have their DNA re-written in the desired manner. We face a challenge only slightly easier than catching neutrinos.

For this reason, we are moving to live trials on volunteers. Of the trillions of cells in the average human body, we hope to capture a few 'god cells' using a modified dialysis process.

We have built several of the dialysis devices -- 'Blood Drives' -- and have 6 volunteers for the procedure.