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The Grinder is a melee weapon that was to be featured in the scrapped Dead Island 2 (2014). It's unknown how the Grinder would have been obtained, but it's possible that it could have been given out as a Quest reward or sold by a limited number of Merchants, or obtained from Metal chests.


By its appearance, it's likely that the Grinder would have been a very powerful weapon, similar in some aspects to the Chainsaw. With a revolving blade at the front, it was likely to have been very good at dealing with hordes of Walkers and Infected, as well as being capable of dealing with Thugs from a decent melee distance. Since its properties are unknown, it's likely that the main drawback of the weapon was repair and, judging from the engine to power it, the fuel, possibly using the same mechanic as the chainsaw did, whereby having the weapon out would automatically use up fuel and therefore constantly degrade the weapon.


It's unknown if the grinder was a modable weapon, however by its appearance, it's likely that it would not support additional mods.


Whilst no other variants were officially revealed, prior to the website removing all information on the old build of Dead Island 2, a golden grinder was known about due to the Golden State Weapon Pack pre-order, which is the image displayed here. As such, we can assume that there were at least 2 variants:

  • Grinder
  • Golden Grinder


  • The Grinder would have made an appearance in the Dead Island film if the 2017 draft of the film had been made, as it was mentioned and shown in the script towards its finale.
  • Like all the weapons known about for the scrapped Dead Island 2, the weapon was revealed on the Dead Island website.