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For the enemy of the same name in Dead Island: Riptide, see Grenadier.

Grenadiers are enemies featured in Dead Island: Retro Revenge. They are human enemies who will throw the grenade at the player. They are likely military soldiers from before the outbreak.


Grenadiers throw 1 grenade at the player when entering the screen after which they will walk. Like other enemies, they appear down one of the three rows and do not switch lane.


Grenadiers wear black army boots and green army pants. They also wear a black shirt underneath a strap containing 2 grenades diagonally around their torso. Grenadiers have black beards and wear a green army helmet.


Upon spotting Max, grenadiers throw a single grenade at Max which travels at a fast speed. When the grenade explodes, it will damage Max and nearby enemies. After this they will walk through their lane. If the player walks into a grenadier, the player takes 1 damage.


  • The grenade is aimed at the player. Therefore action must be taken to either dodge the grenade by switching to another lane, or knocking it back.
  • The grenade can be knocked back, killing any enemy caught within the explosion.
    • Typically enemies behind a grenadier will be spaced out in a way that a grenade will be very effective at taking them out.
  • When the grenade explodes on a unit, the explosion reaches into the lane below and underneath the grenade as well, albeit in a smaller area than in its own lane.
  • Grenadiers take 2 hits to kill. All hit types are effective against the grenadier.
  • They will die in one hit to a projectile such as a barrel or Thug Head.


  • Grenadiers also take damage from backwards attacks. This can be used to acquire extra points if the player cannot appear in front of the grenadier in time.
  • They're similar to the Australian Defence Force.