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For the enemy of the same name in Dead Island: Retro Revenge, see Grenadier (Retro Revenge).
For the zombie of a similar name featured in Dead Island 2, see Grenadier Walker.

The Grenadier is a type of Special infected introduced in Dead Island: Riptide. They are first introduced in the lab and can only be found there, the Japanese Tunnels, the ferry station, and the Henderson military base.


The Grenadier can be seen as an alternate Floater, as they both share the same traits. It is a mutated scientist that rips off chunks of its exposed bloated body and throws them at the Hero, which act as grenades, similar to the projectiles vomited by the Floater. It's also slow and struggles to turn, as well as being mostly immune to fire, again like the Floater. It is first found in the biodome of Dr. Kessler's Biosphere, along with mutated scientists, where Dr. Kessler resides.



The Grenadier is a zombie which has been highly mutated, causing it to bloat to an extent. The zombie clearly used to be someone in a biohazard suit who was infected and subsequently mutated, similar to the infected scientists inside the dome which greatly resemble smaller versions of the Grenadier. It wears a damaged gas mask and yellow and black biohazard suit with black gloves and army boots. There's an oxygen tank on its back, likely joined to the gas mask, with a utility belt around its waist. The whole left of the suit has been ripped off from the expanding mass inside, showing bloody and bloated parts of its body. These exposed boils keep pulsating, even when dead. What seems to be the remnants of a boot can be found on the lower part of its left leg while the right rubber glove has been lost completely, showing off the bloody hand and arm.


Grenadier Throwing a Infected Piece

The Grenadier makes a gurgling-like sound, possibly due to the mask that covers the mouth. It clearly used to be a biohazard suited scientist like the walkers inside the dome, donning full biosuit and gas mas, but due to mutation, the body has expanded to an extent that it's ripping out of the suit. The mutation might be provoked by infection to the Kuru virus and exposure to the chemical agents found in the greenhouse. The zombie will stand around like a Thug while it gurgles like a Floater. Also like the Floater, upon seeing the player, it will grab a chunk of its body and hurl it at the player like Floater vomit. These act as grenades, hence the name, as they explode on contact and have a corrosive, toxic effects on the Heroes. These grenades behave in a manner similar to Suicider explosions and make the same explosion sounds as well. However, the Grenadier has very little in the way of close up defence other than hurling another chunk of itself at you, making it possibly easier to deal with in melee combat than a Floater.


  • The best way to deal with a Grenadier is by closing the gap. Unlike a Floater, it has poor close range defence. While a Floater will vomit in a cone in front of it when you get close, the Grenadier can only perform its one throwable attack. Couple this with the terrible mobility and turn speed of the Grenadier, like the Floater, means it is easy to run circles around it while you hack it to bits.
  • By far the easiest way, however, is to puncture the tank on its back. The tank acts as a red propane tank, just a slightly more mobile one as it's attached to the back of a large zombie. Puncture this with a gun or thrown melee weapon and it's go off like a bomb, taking any nearby zombies with it. This does come with the downside of drawing anything else nearby with the noise, but it's by far the easiest way of dealing with an unsuspecting Grenadier.
  • The Grenadier seems to have an immunity to fire, like the Floater. This is a property shared with the aforementioned Floater as well as the infected scientists encountered in the lab. As a result, fire weapons are the least effective against it, including molotovs. If you're lucky, the molotov will explode the tank on its back, but this is very unlikely.
  • None of its limbs can be cut off, so don't bother trying to cut off an arm, as it won't do anything for you.

Notable Grenadiers[]


  • There is a bug when he falls on the ground, It causes his mask to clip inside his head.
  • Its possible to blow the mask off of its head, revealing a heavily burned fleshy face with red eyes.


  • The Grenadier's gurgling noise is similar to that of a Floater.
  • Grenadiers were originally going to appear in the flooded jungle, but the idea was cancelled at the last moment.
  • They're the Second Ranged Zombie in the series.
  • If a Walker Mutated Scientist is set on fire their Hazmat Suit will change to Yellow like the Grenadiers Suit.
  • The Slobber, a new zombie coming to Dead Island 2, is similar to this zombie.