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For the projectile weapon of the same name in Dead Island and Dead Island: Riptide, see Grenade.
DIRR grenade

A grenade flying through the air

The Grenade is a type of projectile featured in Dead Island: Retro Revenge. Grenades are thrown into the player's current lane by a Grenadier upon entering the screen. The grenade can be knocked back by hitting it. The grenade will move one lane up or down if hit by an upwards or downwards attack respectively. Hitting the grenade with a forwards attack will hit it back in the same lane as the player. Like other projectiles, such as the Thug Head, it will one hit kill anything it hits, including tough zombies like the Stomper who normally take several hits to kill. It can also destroy obstacles like barriers as well as detonate Suiciders it comes into contact with.


  • Although the grenade can be considered a projectile, the explosion and hence kills with it are not considered projectile kills. This means that:
    • Kills with the explosion do not result in perfect hits like any of the other projectiles. You will still get Points for damaging the enemy.
    • Kills with the explosion do not count towards the achievement/trophy Airborne Appendages.
    • Detonating a Suicider with the explosion does not grant the remote bomb points.