The Grenade is a projectile weapon featured in Dead Island. It is a common type of fragmentation hand grenade (a.k.a. frag grenade) which can cause serious injuries or damage to multiple objects within their blast radius, with an additional damage-over-time effect due to high heat or fire caused by the burning chemicals that are spilled around by the fragmentation. It is also called a "pineapple" grenade due to its shape and structure.


  • The grenade will explode several seconds after thrown.
  • The player can hold the grenade as long as they want after priming it; it will never blow up in their hands.
  • The damage radius of the grenade may be small but the knock back radius is quite large.
  • The damage the grenades deal is quite high, though it can depend on the proximity to the explosion. It can deal up to 6000+ damage if the target is right on top of it. It also deals very high fire damage if an enemy is out of the immediate blast zone.
  • A player can accidentally set off a grenade by hitting it with a melee weapon regardless if its not picked up.
  • Grenades can be purchased off of merchants, and like the incendiary grenade, cannot be made by the player.
  • A grenade can be found on the floor in the city hall after the supermarket has been cleared.  As such collecting the grenade, leaving, and returning repeatedly (so the area resets) can provide an infinite supply of grenades.  Using it on the ram below where the grenade is located is an effective way to instantly kill the ram.


  • When a grenade is thrown from the top to the bottom of a ladder and the player doesn't move back, the blast may kill them.


  • The Grenade is modeled after the US-issued Mk II "Pineapple" Hand Grenade.