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"A lot of people around here need help. Talk to them. Maybe you can lend them a hand."
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"It's bloody beautiful, isn't it?"
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The unconventional home of Grace Tan. The walls erected to keep festival goers out do a good job of stopping zombies too.
— in-game description

Grace's Compound is a location featured in Dead Island 2. It is the Safe House of SoLA and the place where Grace Tan is hiding from the strange beat that has infected the festival goers of SoLA. The Slayers find the compound shortly after entering the festival grounds, drawn to it by warnings from someone on a radio, telling people to stay away from SoLA. After defeating the roaming Cassidy Martins in the grounds, they enter the compound and find Grace in the basement.




  • The collectible journal Rejection Letter #8 can be found in the basement on a table just left to the Fast Travel map.
  • A Nailgun Cartridge box can be found in the kitchen area upstairs.
  • A workbench is found in the basement along with the fast travel map.
  • A Vending Machine can be found in the basement, which is notable for selling the Ripper.