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DI2 Gnawing Hunger Skill Card

"FEED US!" Impale a zombie with a WEAPON THROW to deal additional DAMAGE over time. Harmful status effects caused by modded weapons embedded in a zombie will build over time.
— In-game description

Gnawing Hunger is a Slayer Skill Card available in Dead Island 2, included with the SoLA DLC. It is rewarded during the side Quest Flesh Memories.

Gnawing Hunger causes thrown weapons imbedded in zombies to deal damage over time (DoT) to them and apply elemental charge. The DoT decreases over time until the weapon no longer deals damage. Some thrown weapons bounce off enemies instead of being imbedded, and thus do not synergize with the skill card.


  • When a Clotter deforms, any weapon imbedded in them is left on the ground at the location where they deformed.