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The Ghost Town Bunker is a World War II inland bunker and location featured in Dead Island. It can be found in the Mingende Jungle to the left of Ghost Town. While not used in any quests or by any survivors, there's some minor loot that makes it worth a look.


Like all bunkers on Banoi Island, this one is made of thick reinforced concrete, which is concrete that has interlaced metal rebar in it. The bunker has one entrance which is a thick steel door and the turret on top gives good views of the area. The bunker is overgrown with roots and plants from the many decades of disuse.

Inside the bunker has the same layout as all the other bunkers found on the island, with a large fore room, smaller back room and an upper turret. The main room has been converted into a storehouse, likely by the natives of the Ghost Village, though there's not much stored in it currently, with a few boxes on one wall and a filled metal shelf in the middle of the room. The turret has two Unrecognizable Bodies on a floor mat which has a pillow on it with another one nearby, indicating that two survivors were here at some point though they were killed, likely by Zombies. Some cardboard boxes are also here as well as a suitcase. The back room contains a metal table with a radio on it as well as a few more unrecognizable bodies on mats, showing that there were once more people here who were also likely killed by zombies.


  • A Metal chest can be found in the back room.
  • A Workbench is also found here.
  • The Shocking Sledge Mod is also in the back room, on a desk.
  • Several Infected are usually found in front of the bunker.
  • A Butcher is sometimes found in the main room along with a Walker.
  • The back room of the bunker usually contains a Thug.
  • Unlike the bunkers found at the Resort, the jungle bunkers are not numbered.