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Ghost Town, also known as Ghost Village, is a location featured in Dead Island. It is situated in the Mingende Jungle and is located just north of the River Village, which is the player's first destination when they first enter the Jungle.

Ghost town is one of the first places in the Jungle that the player will travel too after meeting Matutero, since it's required to advance the main quest and get access to the car from the River Village. During the main quest Chasing Shadows, the Heroes have to retrieve the stolen weapons from Afran's vehicle convoy. Matutero suggests taking a shortcut through the Ghost Village to reach it quicker. It's here that the Heroes first meet the final special infected, a Butcher. After killing the Butcher, the Heroes cut through the village towards the convoy.

It is also the destination of the side quest Remains of the Damned from Mongina. She sends the Heroes to the Ghost Village to retrieve some skulls dotted around the village, so she can perform a ritual which, she says, will stop the apocalypse and remove the zombies from Banoi.


The Ghost Village used to be a typical village of those living in the jungle. It has a wooden wall around the village for protection, as well as some entrances to allow vehicle access right up to the wall, for supplies. Heavy rains have blocked this access and felled the vehicle bridge, so it's cut off from the main roads though the jungle, but it's still accessible by foot. There's an old bunker nearby to the village which has a few supplies, but nothing all too worthwhile. There's a small shrine across from a pond, while just behind it through the wall is another bunker, one which is being used by some Russians as a safehouse.

The village itself is built around a tall tree, which is adorned with skulls on poles and lit torches, possibly as a memorial for the dead or something done to enemies, we don't know. Now, however, it's overrun by the zombies, including Butchers, Floaters, Suiciders, Walkers, Infected and a Thug at the small shrine just outside the village. There's central communal space which was probably used for village meetings, etc, while various narrow alleyways allow access through the village. The huts are made of wood and various pieces of scrap metal, indicating possible poverty of those living in the Ghost Village, as places like the River Village and Jungle Village have full wood and thatched huts. Inside the huts they're pretty cramped but have some commodities. A part of the village has collapsed, indicated by the demolished hut which has a few Walkers in its area.

There are 3 entrances to the Village one shortcut entrance near the River Village the other is where the Butcher and Walkers can be found the final is the Bridge where the Floaters also Flood and Afran crash happened.


  • The village is the place where the player will first encounter the Butcher.
  • There is a hidden area under the hut on the left-hand side just after where the player first meets the Butcher. The area will be inaccessible until the player finds Mongina and accepts her side quest.
  • There's a lot of metal chests scattered around the village of different lockpick levels. This makes the village a great place to go to farm chests.
  • There's a weapon mod located in the bunker just next to the village.
  • There's also a metal chest in the back room of the bunker, plus a workbench., guarded by a Thug and 3 Infected outside the bunker.
  • A Suicider spawns in the parapet of the bunker. Don't get caught out by it when you climb the ladder.