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Geoffrey nape's warehouse entrance

The entrance and front building façade

Geoffrey Nape's Warehouse is a Dead Zone located in Henderson and featured in Dead Island: Riptide. It is one of the many dead zones scattered around the game and is not too far from the Villa Henderson.


This dead zone is one of two dead zone variations found in Henderson but does fit the theme of being his warehouse. It involves a lot of going up and down stairs as well as tight corridors. You start in a double wide staircase down to a lower room which is behind a barred wall and double doors, like the front of a jail cell. From this room there's a doorway either side which has a staircase up to an upper walkway/corridor which has a small section barred so you can look over the doorway in and out of the dead zone. In the middle of this walkway is a double door, again barred, which shows the final upper room, which has the final lot of loot.


This dead zone layout is one of the easiest in the game to get through, especially now you have a Sniper Rifle and steady, readily available flow of ammo for it as well. You'll start off on the stairs down which has a Walker at the bottom playing dead and easy to deal with. If you've stocked up on ammo, you can kill all the zombies wandering around in the upper walkway with some precision headshots, then you can do the same to the Walkers in the lower room (and the dead zone boss if this is your first time through). Otherwise a sonic pulse grenade through the door will clear out the lower room nicely, with just a few stragglers that will have been lucky enough to escape the shockwave. Heading through either of the side doors will lead you to stairs up to the upper walkway, where just some Walkers and maybe an Infected will greet you, as well as a few on the ground who will get up. The final room has the remaining zombies here, a bunch of frenzied Infected. However, another sonic pulse grenade through the door will kill most if not all of them. Then there's just a few Walkers in that room before the location is clear and you can loot it all.

Geoffrey Nape’s Warehouse
Named Boss Geoffrey "Walking Carcass" Nape (Wrestler)
Blueprints Piranha Mod
Rare Modification Items Heavy Duty Tape, Highly Conductive Wire, Propane Cutter, Titanium Pipe
Chests 3x common, 1x level 1, 1x level 2
Workbench None
Other notes Other special enemies consist of Frenzied Infected. Both Frenzied Infected and Walkers will gradually respawn as you spend time inside the location.


  • This is one of the few dead zones that doesn't contain a dangerous special infected (e.g. Screamer or Suicider).
  • There's two metal chests in the lower room, as well as the rare mod items.
  • Another chest is found through the LEFT doorway. If you go right you'll miss it.
  • Two final chests are found in the upper room in the middle of the hallway, with the frenzied Infected in it.