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The model used for GeoPharm files

GeoPharm File 20 is the twentieth collectible GeoPharm file that can be found in Escape Dead Island and is one of 28 such files that can be found across Narapela.


At the marina pier at the beginning of Mission 9 - Father's Day. It's next to the foot of the container crane between the water and the crane foot.


The patient, initials C.C., was suffering from extreme dehydration when we took him in. He was immediately given a saline drip and is now semiconscious, but there was a serious concussion as well, some kind of blunt force trauma.


  • C.C. could stand for Cliff Calo, as they are his initials. As such, this file could hint at the entire events of Escape being a figment of Cliff's imagination and that all this time he's actually been unconscious in a medical bed.