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Genre: Horror Slasher is a medium difficulty side quest given to the Heroes by Dave in Dead Island: Riptide.


Dave wants you to travel to his overrun movie set and retrieve the camera and battery, as well as kill the undead crew.


  • You'll find Dave calling for help from on top of a flooded caravan in Mataka Village, surrounded by zombies. Kill them all and talk to him to start the quest.
  • Dave will explain that he's a movie director who was filming a horror movie when the set was invaded by zombies. He managed to escape but the crew and actors were killed and the camera was left behind. He asks the hero to travel to the set and retrieve the camera, its battery and also put his old crew out of their undead misery.
  • The dead zone is directly due south on the map, so turn around, cross over the flooded village and head down the path as if you were heading to Kiwi Camping.
  • The movie set is a dead zone which you'll see on your left. You won't have much in the way of enemies on the path to it other than some Infected and Walkers. When you reach the dead zone, rest up, get yourself to full health and take out your best weapon.
  • Enter the dead zone and be ready to deal with the zombies in the first room after you load in, since dead zones are not loaded into the main world normally. There's a couple of Walkers in the first room, so nothing too crazy so far.
  • There's a short, fenced in corridor linking the first room to the second one, but the doors are blocked by some live electric cables. You'll need to turn them off before you can continue.
  • Return to the first room and look for a single door leading to one side of the outside of the two rooms. This has a generator up against the wall which is powering the cables. Deal with any zombies outside and turn off the generator, then return to the double doors.
  • There's a bunch of zombies in this room, which is where the main film set is built. There's all sorts of props around, as well as a lot of the undead film crew and actors. If you have a throwable such as a Molotov, now is a good time to chuck it into the room and close the door to burn out some of the zombies. If not, simply deal with them a couple at a time.
  • Once they're all dead, grab the camera off its tripod next to a floor fan. The camera is facing an open part of the room.
  • In one corner of the room is another door. Open it to get to the props storage area of the film set. This is where the remaining crew are located as well as the battery for the camera. Deal with the undead crew before searching for the battery, which is in a storage shed near the back of the outside area, sitting on one of the metal shelves inside.
  • Once all the crew are dead and you have both the camera and its battery, you can safely exit the dead zone.
  • Head back up the path and back to Mataka Village to find Dave still sitting on the flooded caravan. Remember that all the zombies will have respawned when you exited the dead zone, so you'll have to fight through them all again.
  • Talk to him to hand over the equipment, finish the quest and get your reward.

Strategy and tips[]

  • It is recommended to stock up on medkits, weapons and ammo before starting this quest. You are going onto a dead zone, after all.
  • While in the dead zone, make sure to look out for the chainsaw in the second room of the dead zone. This chainsaw will always spawn when you enter the dead zone and will scale with your level, making it a good place to get a replacement when yours becomes too low level.
  • Ready a molotov if you have one before you open the double doors to the second room. Because there are a lot of zombies in there, you can throw the molotov and close the doors again before they reach you, meaning they will all die from the fire without you having to fight them.
  • The crew all have a red skull icon on your minimap once you're in the dead zone, allowing you to keep track of them better.