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Gas Stations are locations found in various parts of Dead Island, specifically the Resort and Moresby.


All the gas stations are mostly the same. They all consist of a large paved area where sets of gas pumps are laid out. There's space for two vehicles side by side in between each set of pumps. These are covered by a large, flat metal roof to keep people dry while filling their car during the rain. Near the entrance is a large sign showing the price of gas to potential customers who may be running low.

There's always a building which serves as the cash desk for paying for the gas, as well as a convenience store for getting food on the road. Depending on the size of the station, there's usually a small outbuilding or workshop that contains supplies to keep the gas station stocked and going.


  • Lighthouse Gas Station - located at the base of the road up to the light house. It consists of the four pumps, a main building and a connected workshop area.
  • City Tunnel Gas Station - the largest station, located near the City Tunnel. There's four pumps, the main building as well as a separate, external warehouse. There's also a covered storage area containing some boats.
  • Moresby Gas Station - this is the smallest station, located near the middle of the city, with only two pumps and a small rectangular building. The pumps are uncovered to the elements and there's only a small shed which is inaccessible.

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  • There is usually a Cash Register in the shop of the station which can be a quick source of cash.
  • There's also usually at least 1 Metal chest inside the main gas station building, usually on a shelf or behind the counter.
  • All gas stations have at least 1 vehicle at them for transportation.
  • A workbench can usually be found in the gas station grounds for repairs and upgrades, usually in an external building.
  • When the Heroes first come to the Lighthouse Gas Station they will encounter two survivors hiding inside. When returning later, they are in the station dead and additional Zombies will be around. A vehicle can be found in the garage area of the station.
  • The City Tunnel Gas Station will have the remaining juice boxes for the quest Seak'n'Loot and will start the side-quest Waterdance when the player arrives at the station's entrance. Another vehicle can also be found here.
  • Both stations in the Resort will have Thugs at them.
  • The Moresby station is the safest, with no resident zombies and only a couple of Infected that attack you when first picking up a gas can.


  • The digital numbers displayed on the gas station signs are 188, 333, and 666, the last one being a reference to the Number of the Beast.
    • This is not the case with the Definitive Edition. They are normal gas prices.