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EDI gas mask

The gas mask

The Gas Mask is an item featured in Escape Dead Island. It is an item which allows Cliff Calo to traverse areas filled with poisonous gas.


Inside of Dr. Faith Kimball's Lab in the Refining Lab at the GeoPharm Labs. Using the hole in the upper walkway of the refining lab, drop down and enter the office. The gas mask is on a table in plain sight.


The gas mask is a very situational item which will largely go unused in most areas of Narapela. The gas mask is exactly that, a gas mask to protect you from toxic gas. It means that you can explore main and side areas normally inaccessible to you without dying. The gas mask is not always visible on Cliff, so when not used for a while you could very well forget you picked it up, but despite this it is useful for exploring more of the world and for continuing your quest to find out what happened on the island.


  • Cliff doesn't wear the mask all the time, he only puts it on when in gas.