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Lower the world's gravity. Everything that moves through the air is effected:

  • Jumps are higher.
  • Thrown objects will float around once they hit their target, unless the thrown object is a sharp weapon, in which case it will get stuck if it hits an enemy.
    • You can pick up (*Catch*) your weapon in the air after you throw it.
  • Zombies fly through the air when knocked down.
    • Zombies cannot attack you while floating


Download this file and follow the directions inside.

Manual Instillation[]

Copy ODEWorld.phx to your mods folder (click here for a tutorial)


Open the file and search for the following:

SetGravity([0, -980, 0])

And replace -980 with one of the following:

SetGravity Values
Value Description
-100 Low Gravity
-50 Lower Gravity
-10 Very Low Gravity

Next find the following line:


and replace the 0.14 with 0

Finally, add the following to the end of the file

	SetThreshold(0, 0)