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The game's level cap is set at 50 by default, but the following will show you how to mod your game and set the level cap to whatever you want. You can use this utilityto generate character level XML.

Part 1 - levels.xml[]

First, open the Data0.pak file and navigate to the skills folder and copy the following files to your skills mod folder (click here for a tutorial)



Each of these files contains the level information for each character in the following format:

<level id="Current Level">
	<prop n="ExpToNextLevel" v="Experience To Next Level"/>
	<prop n="AllowedSkillsCount" v="Previous Level"/>


<level id="40">
	<prop n="ExpToNextLevel" v="117248"/>
	<prop n="AllowedSkillsCount" v="39"/>

Some may contain additional tags that give the player a leveling bonus:

<prop n="MaxHealth" v="110"/>
<prop n="QuickSlotsCount" v="5"/>

To add additional levels you must change your level 50 tag:

<level id="50">
	<prop n="AllowedSkillsCount" v="49"/>

<level id="50">
	<prop n="AllowedSkillsCount" v="49"/>
	<prop n="ExpToNextLevel" v="333000"/>

Then you must add an additional tag for each additional level you want.

<level id="51">
	<prop n="ExpToNextLevel" v="369000"/>
	<prop n="AllowedSkillsCount" v="50"/>

Part 2 - human_data.scr[]

Next you must open the Data0.pak and copy the human_data.scr to your mod folder (click here for a tutorial). In this file search for the following line:

ParamInt("max_level", 50)

Replace the "50" with the number you want your level cap to be:

ParamInt("max_level", 99)

Save the file and your level cap should be as high as you want.