Character Mods
Name Description
Carry Food Mod This mod allows the player to carry food and drinks rather than immediately using them upon pickup.
Human Level Cap Mod This mod allows the user to level his or her character past the preset level cap of 60.
Max Stack Mod Increase stack size for items in Dead Island.
Game Tweaks
Name Description
Auto-Equip Fix Mod This mod fixes the auto-equip bug for alcohol, medkits, and weapons.
Character Jump Mod Change the height and stamina cost of jumping.
Enable Chat With Xbox 360 Controller Allows players to chat while using an Xbox 360 Controller.
Exploding Meat Mod Adds a PC version of the PS3 exclusive item Exploding Meat.
Low Gravity Mod Lower the gravity of Dead Island.
Zombie Level Cap Mod Allow zombies to level past Lv. 60
HUD Mods
Name Description
Stop Health & Weapon Fade Stops the health and weapon elements in the HUD from fading.
Triple Monitor Support Mod Allows players to play Dead Island across 3 monitors.

How To Mod Dead Island