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Gabriel's Sledgehammer is a variant of the Sledgehammer and a legendary weapon featured in Dead Island. It is given out by Mother Helen in St. Christopher's Church for completing her side quest Bury The Dead.


Like all legendries, the Gabriel's Sledgehammer is just a superior version of an existing weapon, in this case, a Sledgehammer. Like its normal counterpart, it shares many of the same characteristics, but better. The weapon boasts extremely high force, being a blunt two handed weapon, along with extremely good durability. However, this comes at the cost of having very poor handling and a high stamina drain. The weapon has a slow swing speed, which makes it a poor choice when dealing with fast enemies, such as Infected or Butchers, who can avoid the attack if not timed properly and get some hits in whilst the weapon is still being swung. However, its high damage (for a blunt two handed weapon) and extreme force make it good for dealing with slow, high health special infected such as Thugs or Floaters, who are big, slow targets, or against crowds of Walkers, where its large swing radius and range makes it good crowd control.


The weapon can accept a variety of mods, like other sledgehammer variants, including:


  • It is advisable to not get this weapon straight away because the weapons stats vary on your level. If you get it too early it will not be effective in places such as the Laboratory.
  • It's recommended to get the weapon if you are playing as Sam B, as if you choose some skills from his skill tree, this weapon would be very, VERY powerful.
  • It's also recommended to get the Tesla Mod on it (Found in the generator room in the Laboratory of Act III) as it would be very powerful if done.


  • The weapon's name is a reference to the 1986 hit song "Sledgehammer" by English rock musician Peter Gabriel.
  • During character selection, Sam B wields a Tesla Gabriel's Sledgehammer.