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GOAT Pen Brock is a named Crusher featured in Dead Island 2. He was a member of the GOAT Pen, and is first met by the Slayers during the story quest The Chosen One, where he is found at the back of the GOAT Pen.

He formed one half of the "Broseidon and the Spartan" gaming channel. Additionally, Brock sometimes appeared on the GOAT Pen's podcast, Staked Out in the GOAT Pen, such as in episode 98 where he expressed his skepticism and paranoia regarding a new virtual assistant, sKOpe, being promoted by GOAT Pen Troy.

When the Los Angeles zombie outbreak began, he became infected when zombies attacked the GOAT Pen and turned into a Crusher.


Brock is a tall, large and muscular zombie with blood filled infected veins showing all over his skin. He is wearing only a damaged pair of blue, red and black horizontal striped shorts and brown boots.


  • Like all Crushers, Brock is slow, so throwing weapons from range can take him out without getting you close to him.
  • Using the Chem Bomb will stun him, allowing you to charge a heavy attack for good damage against him.
  • Shurikens are very effective against Brock, especially if all three can hit him.
  • When he drops below half health, or becomes enraged, he will perform two ground pounds in a chain. Keeping away from him or not being caught out by the second one is very important to getting hits in on him. Jumping over both ground pounds is very important.
  • Several explosive tall black heaters can be found on the outer decking of the GOAT Pen, which will explode when damaged. This can make for easy damage against Brock, and will also set him on fire, as it has a small spread of fire around it.


  • Brock will drop Brock's Safe Key upon death, which is used to unlock the corresponding safe in the upper floor bedroom/streaming room.
    • This safe drops a blue 'rare' rarity Mace.
  • Brock will only spawn when traversing through the GOAT Pen during the main quest in the dark. He will not spawn during the main quest Call the Cavalry, when you first traverse the GOAT Pen.