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For the ability in Dead Island and Dead Island: Riptide, see Fury Mode.

Fury Mode or simply Fury, is a specialized form of attack in Dead Island 2. It is unlocked after meeting Lola Konradt in the Brentwood Sewer during the story quest The Red Mist. It is an ability exclusive to Numen.


Fury Mode creates a shockwave around the slayer, heals them instantly for 25% of their Peak Health and places them into a temporary attack state when activated, significantly increasing their damage, attack speed, and toughness. While in Fury Mode, players can only use their bare hands (called 'fury fists' in game) and do not have access to other weapons. They also lose the ability to perform counter attacks. Combat capabilities in Fury Mode can be further enhanced by equipping skill cards. Skill Cards can also allow players to perform specialized abilities similar to Apex variants.

Fury Mode can be activated once the player's Fury Meter is full. Fury is gained by killing zombies. Skill cards can also affect how Fury is gained and how long Fury Mode will last. Fury Mode can be deactivated at any time, saving the remaining Fury for later.

Fury Mode is best used to quickly kill large numbers of zombies and avoid damage. It is also highly effective at killing Apex Variants quickly or at the least, inflicting high amounts of damage.


The player can store up to 100 'fury points'. Once a 100 points are reached, the fury meter is full and Fury Mode may be activated. Activating Fury Mode consumes 15 fury points, heals the player for 25% of their peak health instantly, puts their toughness at 150 and creates a shockwave around them. While in Fury Mode, an additional 4 fury points are drained per second. The drain speed is reduced depending on the Autophage tier of the Slayer and can be further decreased by some Challenge rewards. At tier 1, 2 and 3, the drain speed is 3.6, 3.2 and 2.8 points per seconds respectively. Performing a regular melee attack will drain an additional 3 points per melee attack. A Heavy Attack will drain 5 points and the Overhead Smash will drain 10 points.

Regeneration of fury points by the fury skill card is disabled during Fury Mode, however other skills and the Autophage tier can recover fury points during Fury Mode. The Autophage tiers recover 2, 3.5 and 6.25 fury points per (multi-)kill at tier 1, 2 and 3 respectively.


  • Energy Drinks will restore 10 fury points when drank.
  • Your Fury is completely refilled during the Quest The Final Gauntlet upon opening the zone between The Tower and the fast travel to Ocean Avenue.
  • Fury Mode is automatically activated while fighting Specimen: Noah when his HP reaches below 10% of his peak health. During this forced Fury Mode, fury points are not consumed for any actions.
  • Fury Duration and Fury Gain are displayed on the Slayer Traits screen after Fury Mode is unlocked. To convert Fury Duration to Fury points drained per second, use the following formula:
    • The displayed value is always rounded to an integer even if the real value is not a whole number.


  • The fury fists take up the 10th equipment slot. The fury fists are automatically equipped at the start of the game. While equipped in the 10th equipment slot, the 10th equipment slot becomes inaccessible. By using a save editor, it is possible to remove the fury fists from your inventory, opening up the 10th equipment slot. Any weapon put in the 10th equipment slot will automatically be equipped upon entering Fury Mode and can be used for the duration of Fury Mode.