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Frank Serpo is a character in Dead Island: Riptide.


He serves as the main antagonist. It is revealed Frank was involved in the outbreak on Palanai Island. Prior to the outbreak on Palanai, Serpo worked as an agent for the Consortium, the same organization that hired terrorist hacker Charon. While Serpo and Charon share employers, Charon is actually disgusted by Serpo's true nature, claiming the man "would sell out his own mother." This is in line with Charon's overall view of the Consortium, simply working with them as a means to destroy them from the inside out and the throw the world into panic and destruction as a twisted form of revenge over the organization's greed and role in his father's death.

Serpo was sent to Palanai Island to record the mutations and lethality of Charon's new, mutated strain of the Kuru Virus and combine it with chemical weapons left behind in bunkers from Japan's occupation of the island during World War II.

The Heroes first meet Serpo when they reach the ADF ship HMAS Avenger off the shore of Banoi. They meet Serpo on deck, who then orders Charon and Yerema below deck and the immune to be locked up for experimentation. He is later seen leaving the others to die when the outbreak occurs on the ship during the Prologue quest The Storm. He is then not seen until the end of the main quest Militarized Zone when the heroes contact him from the base HQ. Serpo claims he is "sending a chopper to extract the survivors". During the main quest Evacuation, the chopper shows up and he orders the immune to board first, but the survivors tell him to take the civilians first. Colonel Hardy is killed for trying to board the chopper before the immune, leading to Logan shooting down the chopper using an M72 LAW missile launcher. The chopper crashes at The Fort of Henderson, prompting the main quest The Crash. Serpo survived the crash and is found in the Catacombs of the fort after killing a pilot to distract the infected so that he can escape. He then waits in the top tower of the fort with the rest of the group, generally shunned.

When the heroes find a ship in the Quarantine Zone to leave in the final main quest With the Tide, Serpo pleads for them to come with him, but not trusting Serpo, they decide to leave him behind. He then begins screaming at the heroes and claiming that they don't know what they are doing. In doing so, his yelling attracts infected, which come up behind him and slash his neck. He then falls on the ground and the undead begin to eat him.


Serpo is a middle aged man with black hair that's been slicked back and a goatee. He wears a smart black suit consisting of a black jacket, a white button up undershirt, black slacks held by a black belt, and black dress shoes. He also wears a lanyard with his ID in it, thin framed glasses, and a black watch on his left wrist.


  • Frank Serpo seems to resemble Derek C. Simmons, the secondary antagonist of Resident Evil 6, another zombie themed video game.
  • Frank's appearance is also similar to Frank West, the protagonist of the Dead Rising Franchise, a video game franchise that also involves zombies. It is unknown if this is a reference or a coincidence.