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A food crate with two drinks and a snack found in the sewers

Food items are scattered all over the Banoi Archipelago and Los Angeles, and come in various shapes. When picked up, they are instantly used, restoring some of the Hero's health.


  • Energy drinks: The most common food type found on the island, and it will be the first food the player can use. It can be found nearly everywhere on the island throughout the entire game. They can also be bought for $5 each from a working vending machine.
  • Snacks: Normal snacks begin to appear after the player reaches the Hotel. They are often coupled with other food around them.
  • Extra Snacks: A subtype of normal snacks, these are the most powerful food items the player can find, restoring lots of health. They stand out with their red packaging.
  • Fruit: The weakest food items, fruits are found plentifully in the Jungle and some other areas. They usually appear in bulk to increase effectiveness.
  • Alcohol: These drinks will intoxicate the Hero. They provide little benefit except for Logan, after a certain skill is acquired. When combined with a rag, they create Molotovs.
  • Protein Bar: Similar to snacks, these replace them in Dead Island 2. They function the same, usually found with Energy Drinks nearby to them.

Typical locations[]

Food spawns in specially designed places all over the island. In the Resort area, most food is lying abandoned on tables and inside bars; in Moresby, it is mostly situated in food boxes and Raskol hideouts; and the Jungle has altars near the roads, with wooden crates that contain lots of fruit.

Survivor hideouts usually have lots of food in various places, which is useful for healing between quests.


  • There is a glitch present in all platforms in which the Hero will switch to the default fists after consuming the food if two food items are picked up in quick succession before the first is consumed. This has been fixed in the Definitive Collection.