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Flight of the Damned is the first main quest featured in Dead Island 2.


Escape the wreckage of 71 Heavy and link up with the other passengers who are still alive.


  • The game starts with a cutscene showing all the Slayers getting to the awaiting aircraft at the airport. Amy ran from Long Beach, after giving up her seat on the bus, Ryan empties his bag of stripper gear, donning his fireman's hat and grabbing an extinguisher, bluffing his way through the crowd as a real fire fighter. Bruno is waiting in line without a ticket when an earthquake distracts them, allowing him to take the ticket from the man behind him, whilst Carla drives to the aircraft on a motorbike. Jacob stows aboard on one of the landing legs whilst Dani smuggled herself aboard in a crate. They all convene in the cabin when a Fangirl spots Emma Jaunt on board, as well as Robert Steele, who bites her and infects the plane, leading to it being shot down by the US Army. As it crashes, Sam B is trying to contact Emma by cell phone, which fails to go through. During this, you will be prompted to select a character, and you can't change mid campaign.
  • You're bleeding out
    • After waking up, the Slayer is wounded and you must find a Medkit. This acts as a movement tutorial, so follow the direction to the medkit. The slayer will collapse in front of it, but after angrily hitting the wall, it falls onto them and they will automatically use it.
  • Get the hell out
    • Follow the directions out of the plane, climbing out of an open hatch. A flare goes off in the distance, indicating survivors, so that's your intended destination.
  • Find the other survivors
    • Drop down and follow the pathway, crouching under wreckage and don't worry about the people that are hallucinated or partially burnt.
  • Grab a weapon/Smash your way through
    • Heading left, a crate blocks the way and to break it you need to pick up the Wreckage Machete, which will be useful later. Take the weapon and smash the crate to continue.
    • Crouch through the space and continue on your way, climbing up into a different section of the plane.
  • Push on to the other survivors
    • It's dark so use your Flashlight to navigate through it, kicking the trolley out of the way.
    • A bathroom door will suddenly burst open, but it's just a jumpscare, there's no zombie in there, so keep going to exit outside again. Don't forget to turn off your flashlight.
  • Skirt the flames
    • There's a jet engine on fire outside which explodes when you near it. There is also a flare on the ground, meaning the survivors are close. After the engine explodes, the way forwards is blocked, so head right and climb up next to it.
    • Keep going up and then head left to go onto the wing wreckage and jump to the other side of the burning engine.
  • Keep going! The survivors must be close
    • Crouch under another piece of wreck and keep going forwards, then to the right. The rear of the plane fuselage will be in sight and the door open, so go through it.
    • Whilst approaching the fuselage section, you can hear Emma and Ronnie arguing about the latter's use of flares. Emma is freaking out whilst Michael is adamant the army will come to rescue them.
    • Whilst going through the plane, a piece of luggage will fall, making the others think that you're a zombie in the plane. Go over to the other door and open it, but not before taking the medkit off the wall.
    • A cutscene will play of Michael rushing you with a weapon, only for him to stop when he sees you're human. After introductions, the group begin to deliberate on what to do before they're interrupted by the groans of Joshua, trapped under the wreckage. His unconscious wife Angelina is also under some wreckage but not trapped, and upon being checked, she still has a pulse. They attempt to free Joshua, but the wreckage is too heavy, and the zombies are getting nearer. The others decide to leave Joshua and escape the zombies, but the slayer can't do that, so they stay behind to fight the incoming zombies whilst the others leave, but not before Emma gives the slayer her address for them to find her, should they survive.
  • Get help/Survive/Kill it!
    • This is where the Wreckage Machete comes in useful, as after the cutscene is over, another figure has appeared over the far end of the area. The slayer thinks they are a person and go to help, only for it to be revealed as a Walker. Use the machete and kill it.
  • Grab another weapon
    • The machete will break after this, so you're directed to a different weapon, the Wreckage Hammer. As the slayer goes to pick it up, another zombie appears from under the wreckage, but you're able to pick up the hammer and kill it.
  • Kill 'em all!
    • More zombies will start to appear, so use the hammer to kill the couple of waves of Walkers that are sent against you. The hammer has far more durability than the machete, so you can clear them all out with the hammer.
  • Knock the burning wheel down/Kill anything still moving
    • The zombies are coming out from under a wreckage pile in one of the corners, however a wheel is hanging over it. Throw a weapon at the wheel to make it fall onto the wreckage pile, stopping the zombies. Once you mop up the remaining zombies, the quest will end.


  • On the way out of the wreckage, some minor containers can be looted.
  • During the fight with the Walkers, should your hammer break, some of the zombies will drop Burnt Timber, which will do as a melee weapon and can also be thrown at the wheel to knock it down.
  • The first walker in this quest rewards 1500 XP points when killed, yielding enough XP to reach level 2.
  • The first walker will not bite the slayer if they fail his grab quick time event. Instead, the grab timer resets with a sliver of time remaining.
  • The wreckage machete will never break, until the first walker is defeated.
  • The quest introduces the following:
    • basic movement mechanics, including sprinting, crouching, and kicking.
    • basic combat techniques, including basic swings, charged swings, and the skull stomp finishing move.
    • the plane wreckage, a location that cannot be revisited after the quest is completed.
    • two common zombies, Shamblers and Walkers.