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Flare Gun is a type of firearm featured in Dead Island: Riptide. It can be given out during a Quest, sold by select Merchants or found in Metal chests or on killed Zombies.


Flare Gun requires a Special Ammo known as Flare gun Ammo to operate. Five flare gun ammo can be found on a table in the Paradise Survival Camp, and it constantly respawns, even after the group has moved on. This makes the flare gun have some of the most common ammo in the game.

Each flare gun can only hold one flare and must be reloaded after each shot fired. These guns fire flares that can be used to light up dark places from a distance. Or, it can be fired directly at an enemy to set them on fire.

Despite being the first firearm you receive in the game, it's actually one of the best in the game! A flare gun which is the same level as your character, fully upgraded, will easily kill a Walker with a single shot, especially if you make it a headshot. It doesn't even have to be of a good rarity, a while 'common' rarity flare gun will still kill a Walker outright with a headshot. The ammo is easy to get for free and when on sale the ammo is far cheaper than nail gun ammo, harpoon ammo or even ammo for conventional firearms.

They can't be modded at a workbench, but they can be upgraded to increase their damage and burn damage. As it fires a flare, it will automatically set anyone hit by it on fire. This is very useful to kill toxic enemies at range. A headshot will also do critical damage which, when combined with the afterburn, can easily kill something like a Walker in one hit. Even Thugs will go down in just 3-4 shots if you let them burn to the end before shooting them again. propane tank


Unlike certain other special weapons, the Flare Gun is unable to accept any firearm mods.


The flare gun appears as a standard, modern flare gun. It is small in size, similar to a pistol, with the main body being red and the grips being black. There is a hammer at the rear, similar to a revolver, which fires out the flare. It has a break barrel, like a double barrel shotgun, into which the flare is loaded. The muzzle is short and wide, allowing the flare ample room to fire out, but it doesn't have very good range or muzzle velocity.


  • For a long time, the flare gun will be your only source of reliable long range damage.
  • Even to high level characters, the flare gun is a valuable tool in your arsenal. Keep one on hand or in your inventory.
  • Flare guns are capable of blowing up explosive barrels and propane tanks, the same as any other ranged weapon.
  • Despite making only a small 'phut' when it fires, it will still attract nearby enemies the same as a normal firearm.