Dead Island achievement/trophy
Kill a Suicider with a grenade.
Points 15 Game points
Trophy Trophy bronze

"First!" is one of the achievements and trophies available in Dead Island.

To earn this achievement/trophy, the players must kill a Suicider with a grenade.


  • Keep your distance from the Suicider to avoid his toxic explosion, and throw the hand grenade at a medium distance to ensure an easy kill.
  • When at the part where you return to everyone in the Town Hall gets killed by zombies go up the stairs and out onto the balcony. There will be a grenade laying on the floor by a Walker. Pick up the grenade and turn, and you should see a Ram and a Suicider. Simply throw the grenade in between them to get this with ease.
  • This can also be obtained by using the Deo-Bomb, or by shooting a red propane tank next to a Suicider, making it a little easier. Since there is a red propane tank directly to the left during the first Suicider encounter, one can actually achieve this very easily by throwing a weapon at the tank.


  • "First!" is a reference to a popular Internet meme, in which the first person to post on a message board, or to comment on something usually says "first!". It is often used outside of the Internet, as well