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The Firefighter Walker is a zombie featured in Dead Island 2. They are variants of the Walker and are most often found in urban areas such as Ocean Avenue or Venice Beach.


Firefighter Walkers are former Los Angeles Firefighters and behave in the same manner as normal Walkers. They are slow and will attempt to bite and grab players if they are alerted. What sets them apart is their firefighting gear. As with Firefighter Runners, this suit makes them immune to fire, shock, and caustic damage. This can make them difficult to damage if a player only has weapons modded with these status effects. It also makes most environmental hazards useless against them. Despite this, Firefighter Walkers are still susceptible to bleed damage as well as maiming. They can also be easily killed with projectiles and explosives and are vulnerable to ability skills like the Drop Kick. Like other regular zombie variants, Firefighter Walkers can be distracted with the Bait Bomb and can be lured to specific areas. It should be noted that Firefighter Zombies regularly drop Synthetic Fibers when killed.




Name Criteria Description
First Blood These are the brave members of LA's beloved fire service no more -- don't hesitate, because now they are the cold blooded undead!
Under The Skin Firefighter Walkers wear a protective suit that makes them immune to FIRE, SHOCK, and CAUSTIC damage.
Sliced To The Bone Because of their protective suits, Firefighter Walkers can be a real threat if all you have are heavily modded weapons.
Deep In The Guts Firefighter Walkers are an excellent source of SYNTHETIC FIBERS for use in FABRICATION.

Zombie Challenges[]

Name Challenge Description Reward
Walk On By
Walk On By 1 Kill 50 Walkers
Walk On By 2 Kill 100 Walkers
Walk On By 3 Kill 1000 Walkers
Backdraft 1 Kill 10 Firefighter zombies
Backdraft 2 Kill 30 Firefighter zombies
Backdraft 3 Kill 50 Firefighter zombies