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Feeding the Multitude
Game Dead Island
Difficulty Easy
Given By Pono
Reward 500 XP, Cash
Task Get 5 Canned Food.
Location Overpass Camp, Jungle
Previous N/A
Next N/A

Feeding the Multitude is a continuous event given to the Hero by Pono in Dead Island.


The Hero must provide Pono with canned food.


  • Talk to Pono to start the quest.
  • Pono wants you to provide canned food so he can keep the camp supplied.
  • Canned food can be found most plentifully in the Resort.
  • When you're next in the Overpass Camp, turn in food for a reward.


  • You'll probably have a supply of canned food by now, so you can probably complete this a few times as soon as you get it.
  • Check the bars in the Resort for a quick supply of canned food.