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Father's Day is the ninth mission of Escape Dead Island after the previous mission Devan and the next mission Faith.


After failing to find Devan at the marina, Cliff Calo has to find him elsewhere so they can try to escape.


  • After going through an insanity episode while trying to get to Devan and the boat, Cliff wakes up on the marina pier still. The boat has sunk and Devan isn't there. Asking where Devan is, Linda replies that it can't have been that easy, Devan must still be on the island.
  • Heading down the pier, Cliff hears a helicopter and a voice radio him. It's Tom Calo, Cliff's dad, and he's not best pleased to why he's having to "fish you out of the goddamn Pacific." He wants to know what he hell you did to his boat and Cliff had better have a damn good story. He then tells you to get to the helipad. Linda then helpfully tells you that you have a story, so you might as well try and get it off the island. Cliff doesn't know what to believe, but forgetting Devan the best idea is to try and get to the helipad.
  • Exit the way you came, by going through the warehouse. Entering the warehouse can be a shock as a Butcher spawns here with a keycard used to unlock a keycard locked room at the back of the warehouse. Kill the Butcher and get the keycard to open the room. It contains a Shambler but, more importantly, a way out without going back the way you came! Go through the door and down the garbage chute to exit to the beach via the cave system. Along the way Linda tells you to hurry, as you have a promise to keep.
  • Make your way back to the deserted hut so you can get back to the jungle. The easiest way to the helipad is via the gondola at the Crown Residence.
  • Shortly along the beach, however, containers start falling from the sky again, one of which squash a poor Shambler eating a body. Cliff is clearly tired of them, as he says "not again!" and you need to run a gauntlet across to the hut.
  • Not only are there containers, but also several Bouncers and Shamblers that you have to fight. Cliff now knows he's out of his mind but you still need to kill the zombies. Containers stop falling for this bit, so you can kill them. It is possible to stealth kill them, but honestly just hacking them up is probably better and quicker in this scenario!
  • Heading through the open container in front of you, you find that the deserted hut is now blocked by a container, so the only way is further down the beach. There's several more Shamblers, but by now they're easy to deal with. Hack them up and keep going, through another open container. At the end of the beach is a container that makes a handy ramp up, giving you an alternate way off the beach. Go up it quickly.
  • Linda then tells you that there's a shortcut here right to the helipad, bypassing the whole way to the villa and gondola. Cliff knows that Linda is imaginary in his head and questions how he knows that. She answers that he doesn't. She does. Use your grappling hook to climb up and finally get away from the beach.
  • There's a cave ahead, go into it and start going down it. Linda comes up and says that she's hurt Cliff won't talk to her. Knowing he's insane, Cliff responds that she's not real. When told she's as real as he is, he says that doesn't comfort him. You'll arrive at a stream with a board over it. If you keep going there's a medkit while going over the board takes you to a grappling point. Grapple to it and go up.
  • Head left at the end and continue up the cave system. Faith Kimball contacts Cliff again and tells him that Aaron Welles, the mutant, has Devan. Linda tells Cliff to ignore her, as Devan must be as dead as her, but Cliff is adamant he is still alive. Faith asks him to help her save Devan from the mutant.
  • Exiting the cave you'll find yourself at the broken fence that was previously blocked when you were last here. Cliff's dad is hovering in his helicopter at the helipad and all you need to do is go over and board it. Tom tells you that he's running out of fuel. Either get on or swim home.
  • Approach the helipad to get a cutscene. Tom is there in the helicopter and asks Cliff to get on. He then asks if he found something. When Cliff tells him he has data on why it all started, Tom tells him he can't be more proud that Cliff found it all in one day when no-one found anything in six months. Cliff doesn't want to leave without Devan, however, but Tom wants the data before they focus on Devan. Cliff challenges him, asking if he came for Cliff or just to put an award on his shelf. Then, without Cliff boarding, the helicopter flies off and a Butcher climbs on, along with several Shamblers. The way back is blocked by a vine, too, so you have to kill them.
  • Don't worry too much about the Shamblers for now, as they come back if you kill them while the Butcher is still alive. Instead, dodge them and focus the Butcher. When he's dead, kill the Shamblers to clear the helipad. Linda also tells Cliff that he should have given Tom the data, now he's still stuck with it all on him.
  • After they're all dead, Linda tells him that she "smells desperation". Cliff says that it's not him anymore, but Linda says that it is and says "let me show you." Cliff sinks to his knees again as the open air around the helipad turns into stone cliff walls and the location is listed as '????????'. The helipad is now a part of the jungle, I guess, and you have to move. Head down the stairs and to your left, to a more open area. There's a lava pool to your left, which is always a good sign.
  • There, in front of you, is Linda. But, it's not Linda. This is zombie Linda, a Siren. She has her back turned to you, but you can't stealth kill her, as it puts you into a cutscene.
  • Linda says "I'm here" and admits that she doesn't look so good. Cliff tells her that this ends now, and this this isn't her.
  • Compared to a normal Siren, this unique one isn't much different apart from that she does a lot more damage. She's also joined by some of those 'Shadow Zombies' from last mission in the form of three Shamblers, but you don't need to kill them to proceed. Simply dodge her attack and leaps when she comes for you and use plenty of heavy attacks. Unlike a Butcher, she can't block, so make a few attacks then run away to force her to leap at you. Take her down to proceed.
  • Once dead, it goes into a cutscene where Cliff sinks to his knees in pain, holding his head with Linda's body in front of him. The screen fades and after loading, Cliff is once again in the building on the mountaintop. This ends the mission.