Vital statistics
Gender Male
Age unknown, possibly mid 30s to early 40s
Family Mother (wife), Daughter (daughter)
Status Deceased
Location Royal Palms Resort

The father is an unnamed character that appeared in the exclusive CGI Dead Island trailer who was vacationing with his daughter and his wife on Banoi Island. He attempted to protect his family from the undead, to no avail, as his own daughter turned into a zombie and bit him.

The father appears in the E3 trailer and again in the beginning of the game. In the game, he is shown dead, lying on the ground alongside his wife. He wore a brown polo shirt along with cargo shorts, and had short spiked hair with a subtle beard.


The father is shown in the trailer hiding in his hotel room with his wife. His daughter runs from a horde of undead towards their room. She is knocked down and attacked, and later loses consciousness. Her father rescues her from the horde of zombies, who then break down the door to their hotel room. He desperately tries to protect his family using an axe, but unfortunately fails, as his own daughter turns into an undead and attacks him. He is then forced to throw his daughter out the window and is then killed by the zombies with his wife.



  • As pointed out in the IGN trailer breakdown the mother is not wearing a wedding ring though the father is. It is most likely just a design oversight.
  • Instead of going down the hallway from the player's room that leads to the progression of the game, double back to the end of the hallway to the room at the very end to find both the Mother and Father dead on the floor. There's also a Fire Axe lying in between them, which is unable to be picked up by the player.
    • In the Definitive Edition, the fire axe is strangely missing.