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Doctor Faith Kimball is a character who appears in Escape Dead Island. She was a doctor and dietitian scientist working for GeoPharm. She arrived on Narapela near the opening of the GeoPharm Labs on the island, unpacking and setting up her lab at the same time as the others. The reason for this is because she was requested by Emory Crown to start working on 'regenerative medicine' along with a blank check to pay her for the research. However, all her experiments came up negative and failed, but before she could continue she noticed 'outside intervention' from someone or some people outside of the island, causing her worry. She was caught up in the infection as it spread, managing to get back to her house at the Staff Village using her keycard and starting a video recording, but before she can talk of a cure in the labs somewhere, a zombie comes through her door and lunges at her, cutting off the video and leaving her fate until then unknown.

However, she reappears right at the end of Mission 7 - Beauty and the Beast, in Dr. Aaron Welles' Lab in the GeoPharm Labs. After Aaron Welles took Linda to the labs for them to try and cure her, Faith works with Aaron to try out various cures in hopes of finding one that works. However, Cliff Calo walks in on this and, suspecting them to be experimenting on Linda, angrily shoots at them, missing both of them but enraging Aaron who chases him. Faith is left in the lab with Linda and is still alive when she radios Cliff hoping he's still alive and alright after the lab incident.

Later, after failing to find Devan at the Marina Pier, Faith contacts him again via radio, telling him that she knows where he is. He's at a Crown Residence and she can get him out, but she needs Cliff's help to do so. She is found at Emory Crown's Office where she presents Cliff with the cure serum, before releasing Devan to bite him. Cliff has to fight through his mind to defeat the evil embodiment of his infection in the form of Linda. While there, he can sometimes hear Faith telling him that he needs to take the serum to be cured.


Faith is a young woman with long brown hair and square rimmed glasses. She wears a long white lab coat, grey medical gloves, a black GeoPharm branded t-shirt, brown trousers, and dark brown ballet flat style shoes. She also has on a black necklace of some kind which doubles as a holder for her keycard to the labs.


  • Four laptops with videos can be found around the Staff Village, left by Faith. The first one is in the house you first visit after entering the Staff Village. The second is next to the BBQ in the garden next to the house. The third one is inside the Mysterious House in the upper room while the final one is inside Faith's house, next to the computer.
  • Faith is the one responsible for Aaron Welles' mutated state, due to a faulty cure which turned him into a giant mutant.
  • It's unknown what happens to Faith after Cliff fights through his mind, but it can be assumed that after Cliff wakes up, he helps Faith escape from the mansion, but what happens to her afterwards is unknown.
  • Taking a picture of Faith with the Camera gives Snapshot 5.


While in the Staff Village, you can find four laptops left by Faith which have videos on them, documenting small fragments of her time working at GeoPharm on the island.

Don't mock. I know. I swore off corporations. But when the CEO of GeoPharm hands you a blank check, gives you his lab and says "regenerative medicine - go!", no one says "no". Not to Emory Crown! So things change. But not that much. So I'll shed some light. Save the world. Maybe get some batteries.
— Recording 1

Faith (off camera): Yeah, you can just put that over there
Faith (to camera): Well... it's didn't work. This... Crown keeps saying this is the holy grail, his father's unfinished symphony. Ach, I have my doubts.
Man (off camera, calling): Faith.
Faith (to camera): But it's gonna happen somehow. This'll be worth it.

Man (off camera, calling): You coming or what?
— Recording 2

They're here. Ugh. I thought it was safe,... no outside intervention! Things change.
— Recording 3

Locked the labs - but I don't know... No. I don't know if it'll be enough. All our research... maybe there's a cure in... AAAAHHH!
— Recording 4