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Faith Keycard

The keycard ready for collection

Faith's Keycard is an item featured in Escape Dead Island. It is one of the many keycards that can be collected and is used for opening locked doors.


On a Spitter outside of Dr. Faith Kimball's House in the Staff Village during Mission 6 - Stories of the Dead. The Spitter must be killed to acquire the keycard.


This keycard is used by Cliff Calo to unlock the gate allowing him to quickly get from Faith's house back to the airfield by taking a short cut rather than going back the long way.


  • This is the first keycard obtained in the game.
  • As with all keycards, after collecting it, it doesn't show up anywhere on Cliff's character model, even when in use.


  • The door of the Security Office requires Faith's keycard to open. Luckily Xian Mei hacks the door so that the player can continue to the Staff Village, where the keycard is located.