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Faith is the tenth mission of Escape Dead Island after the previous mission Father's Day and the next mission Deliverance.


After defeating the zombie Linda, Cliff now has to find and rescue Devan from the same fate.


  • After killing the undead Linda, Cliff wakes up once again in the building on the mountaintop. I swear he like lives here now. Anyway, Cliff wakes up asking for his friends, but since they're not here he thinks it was just a dream.
  • Opening the door reveals a grave and memorial set up where the picnic table was. There's also a subway train here. I swear that wasn't there before. You've now got to go the villa.
  • Xian Mei contacts Cliff on the radio and tells him that he needs to get off the island. It's rigged to blow and he needs to move fast. However, Cliff has something to do first. At least we don't have the annoying Linda talking to us every five seconds. Seems kind of lonely without her, though.
  • Go to the end of the caves towards the good old pile of bodies. Approaching them, however, causes a massive storm to break as well as two Spitters to appear. You can stealth kill them, though, as they're not facing you and they're pretty far apart.
  • You need to go left, through the broken fence, but there's a Butcher here and he's facing you, so there's no good angle to get behind and stealth kill him. By shooting him with the pistol, however, the storm goes away and the Butcher walks towards the pile of bodies to investigate the shot. Quickly get back out of sight and wait for him to loose interest. He'll stay there and when his back is turned you can stealth kill him.
  • Proceed through the fence and through the tunnel towards the GeoPharm Labs. Getting into the tunnel, Faith Kimball contacts you again via the radio, telling Cliff to come to the villa. When Cliff angrily tells her that she killed Linda, she replies that she was trying to save her, but Aaron, the mutant he saved her from, was doing something more, as what she was doing wasn't enough. Cliff needs to come to the villa to save Devan from the same fate, as Faith can help him get Devan out, so long as he gets her out too.
  • For once the way forwards is clear towards the labs. Are all the zombies on holiday? This changes when you get to the lab entrance. You can either cut through the jungle on your left where a Butcher waits or go forwards through the lab car park where a car randomly flies off into space. Either way you can't do it quietly as a Siren is overlooking the labs and even pistoling it down it will scream, alerting Infected and the Butcher, so you'll have to kill them one way or another.
  • Past this, that car that floated off into space comes crashing down, alerting a Butcher and Infected. Luckily, if you hide behind a rock they can't see you, but wait for the Infected to look the other way before stealth killing the both of them.
  • You can proceed through the vehicle tunnel without incident, as it's still free of zombies, all the way to the airfield.
  • At the airfield, you think it's going well until you see an aircraft coming in for a crash. Just as it hits the ground, coming for you, it freezes and the screen goes white and red. The aircraft disappears and it goes back to normal after about 30 seconds, though, so you can keep going to the other tunnel away from the airfield.
  • There's no zombies in the tunnel, so the way is clear to the villa. Arriving at the villa, upon getting onto the bridge, Cliff sees a large meteorite coming from the sky, landing just outside the villa grounds and engulfing he area. Luckily, this is just Cliff's insanity again, so you're ok. However, get into cover quickly as a Siren is watching the bridge.
  • Unfortunately, there's no easy way to kill it, so try and pistol it down, but it'll probably scream and draw some of the Infected towards it. There's Infected swarming that hill, so take out your katana and start to power through them. At the top is the Siren to hack that up as well, then you can get back down to the road.
  • The best way to go is not down the stairs like you did the first time you came here, but instead past the electric fence to a rope attachment point behind a rock. Turn off the fence from the security booth if you haven't already, then go past it. To your right is a rope attachment point you can use to get down. Then go straight, through the open doorway. There's an Infected down here but you can pretty easily deal with it.
  • There's a doorway in front of you and Faith radios in to tell you that the front is locked down, with Aaron watching over it. The basement is not, however, so you can use that to gain entrance to the villa.
  • Go in and down the corridor to the end. There's a doorway and wall that's been smashed through, but you can use it to get through a couple of room to another short corridor. Go through the door at the end to enter the villa proper.
  • Head down towards the grand staircase at the end of this corridor. Your new objective is to find Faith Kimball. Head up the grand staircase to the next floor, go all the way around to an elevator button. Press it to open the doors, then get in and go up.
  • Once getting out, you're met with Cliff getting one of his insanity episodes and a couple of Shadow Shamblers turn up. They're a little tougher than Shamblers, so dodge out of their attacks and hack them up. Cliff asks Faith what's happening after you defeat them, but Faith doesn't answer properly and tells you to keep going.
  • Go through the door in front of you and through a bedroom to a walk in wardrobe. Your flashlight starts to malfunction here for some reason and you're transported to a meat freezer. Walk out of it to be in a kitchen, then duck into cover to avoid a shadow zombie that is eating a body. You can stealth kill this one, so do that and go to deal with the other one in the next room. You can now go through the door.
  • There's a room with all sorts of shadow zombies. Go immediately left and stealth kill one standing up. You can slowly make your way around the room to stealth kill them. There's an shadow Spitter on the other side, so pistol it down if you can, then go through the door.
  • Right behind the door is an shadow Shambler and it'll come right at you. Now's a good place for the shotgun! Kill it and the other Shambler in the room before some shadow Infected come around the corner for you. Kill them as well, then continue. There's a staircase you can use to get up higher.
  • There's an shadow Bouncer up here, though, and yet more Infected, so try and kill them off as best you can. The camera keeps getting more and more twisted around as you progress, so try and stick it out and cross the new level to the door opposite the stairway, around the banister.
  • These doors are a button mash one to get through, so do it to get into a billiards room. You then get some REALLY bad new. Linda is back, in your mind, that is.
  • Head to the door at the end. Before you can, however, Aaron comes smashing through a wall. You need to run. Faith tells you to run to her, as he won't follow. Xian also radios and tells you that now's your only chance to get off the island. Charon even makes an appearance, narrating how he used the Palm Garden Order to take out GeoPharm.
  • Just run. Follow the way forwards and ignore the shadow zombies that fall or appear in front of you. Aaron will keep chasing you regardless. Eventually you'll reach a hallway where the floor breaks through and Aaron falls down through it. You're safe, for now. Use the elevator next to you to continue.
  • You're now at Emory Crown's Office, and down the walkway in front of you is Faith. Head over to her. She tells you to hurry upstairs, as that's where she's with Devan.
  • However, going up the stairs reveals no Devan and a cutscene plays. Faith wants to cut a deal. She has some serum in an orange box on the desk in front of her. She says this is the cure for the virus. She's finally perfected it. She then says that for everyone's sake, Cliff needs to use it, before pressing a button which releases Devan from wherever he was being held. Devan runs up and bites Cliff's neck from behind. While Cliff staggers to the floor, Faith tells him that this serum is the only hope left for humanity. Linda decides this is the perfect time to chime in with a snarky comment, but Cliff yells at her to shut up. Somehow, he manages to stagger over to the desk, one hand on his bitten neck, to swipe the serum as Linda tells him that he Cant. Get. Rid. Of. Her. It then switches to a cutscene of Cliff examining the serum in a box before, as he picks it up, vines come out around him and break a hole in the ceiling. This ends the mission.