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Ezekiel is a survivor and merchant featured in Dead Island 2. He is located at the Lifeguard HQ in Santa Monica. Ezekiel appears and can be traded with after returning from the pier during the main quest Boardwalking Dead.

Ezekiel owned a shop prior to the outbreak, and was holding out in his shop, laying low, however a group of zombies found him there and overran his safehouse. He fled the shop and made his way to the Lifeguard HQ, making his way up to the tower where the Slayers then encounter him.




  • Ezekiel may occasionally be using the stationary binoculars to look towards the pier.
  • He may also remark about another individual who was following in the Slayers' footsteps, running onto the pier, likely referring to Amanda Styles.
    • Returning to the pier to meet up with Amanda will give the Slayers the sidequest, Like and Follow!.


Note: All of the possible items in Ezekiel's stock are not guaranteed to appear at once. He will have a different selection each time you load the game.