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A double-bladed, tactical javelin. Light, strong, stylish, perfectly poised -- just like Amy! Throw, impale, evade, grab, stab, repeat.
— In-game Description

The Eye Opener is a Headhunter sharp weapon featured in Dead Island 2. A variant of the Pitchfork, it could be obtained in the Pulp Weapons Pack by pre-ordering the game. Once unlocked, it is purchased from Dougie in the Serling Hotel within Ocean Avenue.


The Eye Opener is always sold as a Superior rarity pitchfork with Agile as the fixed Perk. The Eye Opener has a unique design.

The Eye Opener is an excellent weapon for heavy attacks since the Agile perk increases your movement speed for every kill and headhunter weapons do not slow your movement speed while charging up heavy attacks.




  • The weapon features the Giallo brand, adding to its stylish appearence.