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For the uninteractable variant, see Barrel.
EDI Snapshot 36

An explosive barrel in Escape Dead Island

Explosive Barrels are hazardous objects found across Dead Island, Dead Island: Riptide and Escape Dead Island. They are interactable variants of the regular Barrel. They are one of many Environmental Hazards found in the world.

In the main games, when throwing a weapon at them, or shooting them with a firearm, the barrel will explode and damage any nearby entities, including the player if they get too near. It will not damage the environment, however, so they can't blow up buildings or fences. They explode with similar damage to a Grenade but with far more force, capable of launching a Zombie (or what's left of it) far away or into a wall, where it will explode in a spray of limbs. They are useful to deal with a large amount of zombies quickly, or to deal large amounts of damage to Special infected, much like Propane Tanks, however they are far more situational as they can't be moved.


In Dead Island and Dead Island: Riptide, they appear as standard metal barrels, but they are painted red to denote their explosive nature. Some of them might also have a yellow band around the middle of them and an explosive symbol on them. In Escape Dead Island, all explosive barrels have yellow hazard warning stripes around the base and lid.


  • In the main games, explosive barrels can be set off by a single hit with a weapon or firearm, however they will explode instantaneously, so getting some distance from the barrel is deal to avoid being killed by it.
  • In Escape, a barrel takes two shots from a Pistol to explode one or two or one with the Hellfire Shotgun.
  • Also in Escape, once shot once, the barrel will have fire appear on top of it and a red radius around it for several seconds before it explodes, allowing them to be used somewhat tactically.
  • In Escape, getting a picture of an explosive barrel with the Camera is required to complete the achievement/trophy What Happened, Happened.
    • The snapshot number of the explosive barrel is Snapshot 36.
  • Spitter projectiles can also ignite explosive barrels.
  • Explosive barrels deal 100 damage, which is enough to one-shot all zombies except Dwellers which lose 58% of their health instead. The boss zombies and shadow Butchers would also survive an explosive barrel although there are no explosive barrels near them. Outside the red circle range, the explosion deals 5 damage to players and 15 to zombies.
  • Managing to get a Dweller killed by an explosive barrel will give the achievement/trophy "It's Super Effective!".