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For the throwable weapon in Dead Island 2, see Bait Bomb.

Warning, this is not a cooking recipe! A piece of carcass wired with explosives can save your life. If you are not one of those fanatic vegetarians you can certainly manage it. Remember to fasten the explosives tight to the flesh so that the whole thing doesn't fall apart too early.
— Description

The Exploding Meat is a projectile blueprint featured in Dead Island and Dead Island: Riptide. It is essentially a superior version of the Meat Bait item, which attracts zombies to a specific spot, with the exploding meat doing the same but exploding afterwards with the same damage and force as the Grenade.

It was offered as a reward for completing a number of challenges in the Zombie Survivor Game, a time limited event that ran on the PS3 online service Playstation Home, in August 2011. As it was prior to the release of Dead Island, the reward was in the form of an unlock code.


The weapon is a superior meat bait, which combines its effectiveness with that of a grenade, making it a go-to mod whenever you have a meat bait on hand. At just $50 and some mod parts, including a couple of rare or harder to find ones such as the Wrist Watch, you get a very useful distraction weapon which can also kill off Walkers and Infected quite easily. Because its base is the meat bait, zombies will ignore the player for the bait, crowding around it and swinging at the air. However, after a short amount of time, the bait will blow up, dealing heavy damage and residual burn damage to anything it hits, making it an effective offensive and defensive weapon. The major downside is its use of a couple of rare mod items, such as the aforementioned wrist watch, as well as the requirement of using a blunt weapon on Infected to get the Meat to craft the base meat bait with, which can be difficult for Xian Mei who uses sharp weapons, which can't get meat from Infected as it requires their heads to be crushed, not cut. However, should the mod parts be gained and the meat sourced, it requires basically no Cash to craft and its very effective in all scenarios.


The weapon has no applicable mods but does require a previously crafted weapon.

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Released to PlayStation Home users who participated in the Dead Island pre release event "Zombie Survivor game". Also can be found in a number of locations around the resort. The meat attracts zombies when thrown, moments before exploding.
In the Definitive Edition or Game of the Year Edition of Dead Island, the mod is automatically placed in the player's inventory.
In Dead Island: Riptide, it can be found in Henderson, under a bridge behinds some crates.
Location Unknown
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Exploding Meat



  • The mod was included as a part of the Game of the Year edition of Dead Island, being deposited in the player's inventory at the start of each new character playthrough. The same is true for the Definitive Edition.
  • With the PC version of Dead Island, it is possible to mod ALL meat bait to produce the same effect, by following the instructions on this page: GameFiles:Mods and Tweaks/Exploding Meat Mod. The graphics 3D model and skin for the exploding meat might be in the game files, if it is perhaps an enterprising modder could add it as a separate blueprint and combine the gameplay effect from the mod with the graphics.