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Exodus is a hard difficulty main quest given to the Hero by John Sinamoi in Dead Island.


The Hero must head over to the Lifeguard Tower and clear out all of the zombies inside.


  • Talk to Sinamoi to start the quest.
  • He wants to move the group to the Lifeguard Tower, as it's larger, more well defended, well stocked and has a radio, but it is overrun with zombies. You can use his keycard to get in.
  • Head out of the Beach House and start walking down the beach, past the stairs up to the bungalows area. It's a lovely walk with nice views of the sea and rest of the Island, minus the blood and guts of course.
  • Check out any beach front bungalows on the way, as they might be hiding metal chests which could contain a good weapon.
  • As you travel down the beach, you'll meet Haris, who will ask you to help save him from zombies. This is not a part of the quest and isn't required to complete it, but you might as well anyway as it gives you a weapon and XP.
  • Head past the Water Sports Rental Kiosk where Haris stays if you rescue him to reach some changing booths. It's here that you'll hear some Infected scream and you'll be formally introduced to them.
  • There's around 3 of them that spawn, and they'll sprint at you after screaming. A solid blow to the head should kill them in one shot, so take careful aim and time your swing to quickly finish them. See the main Infected page for more strategies and tips.
  • Continue down the beach until you reach the stairs up to the Tower. There's a lot of Walkers here, around 8, some of which are lying on the ground pretending to be dead. Kick the ones on the floor to keep them down, as it will help you manage the flow and stop you being overwhelmed, especially with the basic weapons you have at the start of the game.
  • Once they're all dead, head up the stairs and kill the two other Walkers in front of the entrance gate.
  • Use the keycard on the keypad next to the gate to unlock it. Push it open and prepare for what's inside.
  • There's around three Walkers or so inside the compound kill them all.
  • Once all the Walkers are dead, a cutscene plays where the garage door opens and you see a Thug for the first time.
  • He's not alone, as once it's done playing, there's around four Walkers who join him. Use any means necessary to kill them all. There's a propane tank on the ground which can easily blow up the Thug and any Walkers near to him if you throw it at him, then hurl a weapon at the canister.
  • The interior of the Lifeguard Tower is first, and it's very dark, with no lights and those that are on flicker, making them nearly useless. Use your flashlight.
  • An Infected sits in the corridor to the offices, make sure you're ready.
  • A Walker is lying in wait in the doorway to your right. Lead into it with a kick to prevent it grabbing you.
  • There's several Walkers in the offices, so kill them all before heading back to the garage.
  • Head up the metal stairs and hold the button to open access to the roof.
  • There's several Infected up here, as well as some Walkers. Take out the Infected first or, if possible, take out the Walkers so you can focus on the Infected.
  • Once they're all dead, head to the room in the middle, through the door and use the radio to talk to Sinamoi.
  • There's a body slumped over on the chair, it will come alive when you come near, so kick it when you enter the room to prevent that.
  • A cutscene will play where the survivors arrive in a truck. After it's done, Sinamoi will appear in the room with you, and you can talk to him to finish the quest and collect your reward.

Video walkthrough[]


  • The Infected can be encountered any time before the mission by passing that point in the beach. Not only during the mission will the Hero have a quote after hearing the scream of the infected (afterwards there will be no scream but the Hero will speak anyway).
  • On the way to the tower, the player can save Haris who will be trapped in his truck, surrounded by zombies. While he makes the suggestion to check out the nearby Water Sports Rental Kiosk, you do not have to save him in order to enter.
  • This is a good time to learn to fight from elevation. Jumping on the overturned boat provides a safe place to attack the undead from (especially with kicks so as not to damage melee weapons). The same is true of Haris's truck.
  • A few meters after you went out the kiosk, you will hear the Infected's scream. Be alert.
  • You may want to check the bars on your way to the Lifeguard Tower. Canned food, alcohol, and other items can be looted here. This is the ideal time to do so since they will have Thugs guarding them afterwards (You will never encounter a type of zombie you haven't been "introduced to" with a cutscene with the exception of Walkers. It's unclear if the Act 0 cutscene is considered an introduction to the Infected--or the intro is meeting them on the beach even though there's no cutscene.).
  • The Thug can be taken care of quickly by using the Propane Tank located near the gate. A direct hit from the blast should take care of it in one hit. Just be sure you and your teammates won't get caught in the explosion.
  • All the zombies you need to kill in the Tower have a white skull icon on the map and minimap. Use this to prevent them sneaking up on you.
  • There's a workbench in the Lifeguard Tower garage for you to repair or upgrade your weapons if needed.
  • You can hear the distress call of Oceanic Flight 1012 via the radio on the workbench. When you open the roof access and look up, you can hear and see the aircraft travel overhead.
  • Trying to avoid the Infected is possible by travelling through the pools area (as though coming from Sinamoi's hut). However moving just past the Lifeguard Tower entrance toward the beach will activate them. With lots of Walkers also around, this is harder than meeting them on the beach.


  • There is a glitch that sometimes occurs where the last zombie that should be sitting in the chair in the transmitter room is missing. Without it, Sinamoi cannot be contacted and the quest cannot be completed. This happened in single and co-op.
  • After this quest is over, an invisible propane tank will remain in the parking area in front of the side gate. It cannot be walked through or picked up.


  • The title and content of this quest is a reference to the Biblical story of Exodus.
  • It could also refer to the exodus of the survivors from the Beach House as they relocate to the Lifeguard Tower.