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EDI Execution

Cliff performing an execution on a Shambler

An Execution is an attack and finishing move available to be performed on fallen zombies in Escape Dead Island. It is capable of being performed with any melee weapon that isn't a stealth kill weapon like the screwdriver or army knife.

For an execution to be performed, the zombie must be injured and knocked to the ground by either a push or weapon hit. To get the zombie on the ground in the first place is best achieved with a heavy melee attack, which will often push a zombie over to the floor, especially if they're a basic or weak enemy like the Shambler. Once the zombie is on the ground, a button prompt will appear over it when you're facing the zombie. This will allow Cliff Calo to perform an 'execution' on the zombie.

Upon starting the execution, Cliff will place a foot on the zombie to keep it down. He will then swing down on the zombie, before raising his weapon to bring it down again. This second hit will generally be aimed at the zombie's head and will break it open, killing the zombie, though Cliff can also aim it at the side of the zombie's torso.

This animation, while satisfying, is long and slow, and leaves Cliff open to attacks from other zombies as it doesn't grant him invincibility or invisibility from the other zombies. As such, the execution should only be used on lone zombies that are either away from the main pack or are on their own. If you try and perform an execution in the middle of a battle, you will usually end up dead before half the animation has finished. You can't cancel the animation or interrupt it. Also bear in mind that it is harder to knock down the zombie the higher health it is. This means that being able to knock down a zombie to perform the execution is much harder the more difficult the enemy is to fight. For example, a single heavy attack can knock down a Shambler, allowing you to perform an execution, but three or four are needed to knock down a Bouncer to perform it, and ten or more heavy attacks are needed to knock down a Butcher.


  • An achievement is tied to this mechanic, Dead Is Dead, which requires you to execute 25 zombies with any melee weapon.
  • Oddly enough, the move does not cost any stamina, even though Cliff is violently swinging his weapon. In fact, you actually recover a little stamina while doing the move, as the game doesn't count you as in combat or sprinting.
  • The move happens in slow motion, giving bullet time to your surroundings, so it is possible to perform an execution so you can have a little time to process your next move or get ready to dodge a zombie attacking you.
  • It is possible to execute every zombie in the game, but the harder the zombie is to fight and the more health it has, the harder it is to knock to the floor to perform the execution.
  • After Cliff has acquired the lever axe, he will sometimes perform a slightly quicker execution, which consists of using the crowbar end to cut through the zombie's neck. This is quicker than a normal execution, as it only takes one hit rather than two. He can still perform the normal two hit execution, however.
    • The one hit execution can also be forced on all melee weapons by holding a firearm prior to starting the execution move. For one hit executions with the katana, it must be the only melee weapon in the players possession.
  • Butchers, Bouncers and Linda can easily be knocked down after their jump attack by pushing them, opening them up for an execution.