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The Eviscerator is a variant of the Wakizashi and a Legendary Weapon featured in Dead Island, rarely available from Metal chests or killed Zombies.


The Eviscerator is the highest dealing damage bar none, which is not only due to its rank of a legendary weapon, but also from the fact that it is a Wakizashi variant, which by itself is an incredibly high damage sword. The weapon excels in damage and is capable of decapitating Walkers and Infected in one hit, allowing you to plough through hordes of zombies and make short work of high heath Thugs and Floaters. It is also an excellent choice for dealing with Butchers, as it can rapidly take down its health. However, the weapon has low force attributes and a very low durability, which when combined with the fact that it is a sword and sharp weapon means it requires a lot of Cash and constant maintenance, which will quickly drain your coffers. It also has a medium stamina drain, and whilst it has a rapid swing speed, this can leave you drained on stamina for when you need it to run. However, if you have a steady cash flow income or a lot of cash saved up, the Eviscerator can make short work of any enemies you come across.


As a sharp weapon, the Eviscerator can accept a variety of mods:


  • The weapon supposedly tends to drop more frequently in the jungle.
  • When fully upgraded, the Eviscerator deals the highest damage out of any weapon in the game, even higher than the Zed's Demise.
  • Due to also being a one handed weapon, it allows Xian to exploit her Flying Strike skill using the weapon, something unable to be done with the Zed's Demise.