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For the survivor of the same name in Dead Island, see Eva.

Eva is a survivor at the Villa Henderson in Henderson and featured in Dead Island: Riptide. The Heroes first finds her on the balcony above the café where she gives them the side quest The Dead Can't Dance in which the hero must turn off the loud music which is attracting all the zombies toward her location.

During the outbreak, Eva was at work with her boss, when he suddenly turned and tried to bite her. She killed him and left the restaurant immediately, locking the door behind her before climbing onto the adjacent roof. After completing the quest, if the hero leaves and returns, Eva will be gone, only to reappear at the Makeshift Hospital and will talk in-depth about her past but has no other quests for the hero.

Since she was alive and staying at the makeshift hospital if The Dead Can't Dance is completed, it is assumed that she has perished after Cecil was overcome when trying to keep the zombies out.


Eva is a young woman with short brown hair. She wears a blue patterned low cut top with a blue belt around her waist, a black leather coat, a grey patterned skirt with red flowers printed on it, and grey sandals. She also has three beaded bracelets on her left wrist, a bandage wrapped around her right lower arm, and several beaded necklaces.


  • Eva was born and raised in Henderson, working at the café without wanting to see the world, because 'the world came to her'.
  • Eva's mother was Russian and met her father, who was Argentinean, on Palanai, where they brought up a family.