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For the survivor of the same name from Dead Island: Riptide, please go to Eva (Henderson).

"It's the Lord's will that you be here."
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What are we going to do now?!
— Eva asking herself

Eva is a survivor featured in Dead Island. She is located at Nick's Hub, and is part of a group of survivors led by Nick.

Her group is stranded outside on the terrace. When you complete the side quest A New Broom Sweeps Clean and her group moves inside the house. She can be found in the kitchen and has no quests for the heroes.


Eva is a middle aged woman with blonde hair. She wears a pale green patterned vest, a blue checkered shirt, magenta pants, and blue shoes. In the Definitive Edition, her hair is brown.


  • Eva shares her character model with several generic female survivors.
  • She is the only survivor whose name changes to survivor.
  • It could be that Eva and the survivor are same womans or their models are reused as one because she is wearing Eva clothes except the difference is her skin and hair. It could have been possibly a mistake made by the developers or an oversight.