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Esta Navarro is a survivor featured in Dead Island 2.


She is first met by the Slayers during the side quest Scooped!, where she contacts them via a speaker in a news van, and is trapped inside the LA 24 News Office building in Ocean Avenue with her co-worker Nora. The two of them were journalists for an LA news station when they became trapped in the news office. They planned to record and broadcast the outbreak in hopes of attracting help for the people in LA. By showing that people were still alive in the city, it would spur rescue efforts for them all. However, Esta and her colleagues took refuge in the news station only to be followed in by several creatures, who started picking them off.

After the Slayers make their way into the building, they find her on the news floor with Nora, where she asks them to search for the rest of their survivor group. The slayers find them dead on the top floor, and Esta is attacked on the news floor with Nora, who both hide inside a recording booth. The Slayers kill the attackers, a group of three Butchers, and save the two survivors. Instead of taking up the offer of staying at the Serling Hotel with other survivors, they instead decide to travel to Venice Beach, where an army outpost is, and they plan to get footage of that.

Afterwards, they can be found safe at the Blue Crab Grill.


Esta is a middle aged woman with frizzy dark brown hair. She wears a purple and white edged suit blazer with a large purple plastic belt and white buckle, along with grey pants and black heels. She has a lapel microphone hooked up on her blazer and a simple bracelet on her right wrist.