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Escape from Banoi is the fourth main quest in the Ryder White's Campaign DLC in Dead Island.


After successfully finishing BIDF Unit 4's mission to blow up the City Bridge, Ryder White must travel to the Moresby Gas Station for evacuation.


  • After watching the bridge blow up and collapse into the river, Ryder White contacts base to tell them that the bridge is destroyed. Base confirms and tells him to head to sector 6 where a gas station roof will provide a good place for evacuation.
  • Head down the road leading from city bridge. Towards the end will be an army jeep with a mounted machine gun on it, so you'll know you're going down the right road.
  • Some Infected will jump over both the barricade in front of you and the bus to the side of you. If you're quick, you can use the MMG on the jeep to kill them, otherwise use your firearms and melee weapons to kill the Infected.
    • Note that the Infected constantly spawn here after you've killed them. Around 7 in total will come from both directions giving you little time to progress, as they won't stop.
  • A door to the left of the jeep with the machine gun is your way out, but it's locked. Kill the Infected and quickly break it down and close it after you. You'll be hounded by Infected during this so do it quickly.
  • You get a little respite now, as the room is sealed with a workbench, so you can use a medkit and repair your weapons before progressing through the door next to the workbench, which is also locked.
  • Breaking through, there's a suicider just in front of you, so back off and shoot it so it explodes a safe distance away, then proceed through the corridor and out the doorway at the end.
  • If you recognise this area, you'll realise you're in front of Stan Dart's house and to your right is a small table area which is next to the gas station, so you're not too far away.
  • Go right and head towards the tables. There's the usual Walkers and mass of Infected here, so fight through them as you cross the market to the gas station.
    • Before that, there's the small inaccessible metal shed in the market area. A box van is next to it and use it to access the roof where a drop is found. In the drop is 3 auto rifles, very useful for more bullets which you'll need shortly when you reach the gas station.
  • Head up the wooden boards leading up a box van to reach the gas station grounds. There's several suiciders, a host of Walkers and a Thug here that you'll need to clear out, as the quest will say when it updates.
  • Inside the gas station building is two vending machines for health but on the roof of the station is all the goodies. There's several auto rifles, medkits, grenades, molotovs, incendiary grenades and enough ammo to supply a whole platoon of soldiers, and you'll need it all! A workbench is also located underneath next to some propane tanks, which you can try and set up strategically if you want. I suggest leaving a Walker so that you can set up and prepare for the defence phase that's coming after you kill the final zombie.
  • Upon killing the final zombie, White will radio base that the landing zone is secure. Base will respond telling him to hold his ground as the evac chopper is almost there.
  • Infected will now spawn and converge on your position. Remain on the roof and use your auto rifles to gun down the Infected as they come for you. They'll jump over walls and climb up things to get to you. Luckily they appear as skull icons on the minimap so you'll see them coming (does not apply in Definitive Edition).
  • When Super 25 arrives you'll see it hover overhead and White will ask for some support from the air. The chopper will respond with 'danger close' and a cutscene will play when you get underneath it showing the helicopter flying over night time Moresby. Base tells White that despite his best efforts, the containment was a failure and the infection has spread to the rest of the island. They then tell him that it's time to execute protocol 66. However, White says that he's not calling in the bombers until he's got his wife off the prison. Contacting Emily, she answers and Ryder is relieved, telling he that he'll see her soon on the aircraft carrier. She reveals she's bitten and tells Ryder to leave her, as the infection is spreading through her body. Ryder refuses to leave her, and tells the pilot to turn around and fly to the prison. This ends the quest.


  • At the beginning of the quest where you break through a door to the workbench, rarely the Infected can glitch through the door when you've closed it and get inside the area. This is because they attack the door and because the other Infected are pushing against each other, the act of being pushed around and attacking the door means an Infected can rarely glitch through to the other side.
  • When you're at the market area before the gas station, if you explore a little bit, you can find the electrical shop where you get the radio parts for Carl in his side quest Radio Ga Ga. You can even break down the door and enter the shop, but there's not much of note in here other than a vending machine for some quick energy drinks to regain your health.
  • Andrew Meisner's first tape is found on the roof of the small metal shack in the market/table area before the gas station next to a dead soldier, where a drop is next to it.
    • Also up against the shack is a vending machine for some health.
  • When defending the gas station, you can tell where the Infected will spawn from by looking at the surrounding buildings. Some doorways and alleyways have got sheets covering them as well as an invisible wall to prevent you walking through them. This is used in the prison for the main game and shows where an Infected spawner is.
  • After the first few waves of Infected which come from all directions, the subsequent waves until the helicopter arrives only appear from the back wall of the gas station. This makes it very easy to just stand at the edge and gun them down as they jump over the wall, meaning you'll have no trouble surviving until the helicopter arrives.
    • This does not apply for the Definitive Edition. The Infected will spawn from all around you as normal the entire time. They also do not appear on the minimap as skull icons, so unless you spot them manually you'll not know where they are coming from.