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Emma's Mansion, also known as Emma's Mansion, is a location featured in Dead Island 2. It is located in Bel-Air and is the home of celebrity Emma Jaunt and her late husband Robert Steele. During the outbreak, Emma fled her home and her housekeeper Andrea Salazar moved in with her family in order to take shelter. When Emma survived the shooting down of Soaring Pacific 71 Heavy, she returned to her house with Michael Anders, annoyed that Andrea had moved in. Later, the slayers arrive at her house and take up residence, and Emma reluctantly allowed Sam B to stay as well.

Events of Dead Island 2[]

The Slayers arrive the mission Desperately Seeking Emma Jaunt. Before this Emma originally abandoned her house during the evacuation only for the plane to be shot down. During this window, Andrea moved her entire family their for safety and butted heads with Emma after she came back and telling her about the infected Slayers. The Slayers pass out and a waken in her private gym and help stop the attacking horde in Bel-Air Brawl. Sam B then arrive shortly and decides to stay and frequently warns the Slayers that the military won't carry about them and just that they are immune. Some point after this Michael leaves for Monarch Studios and gets infected resulting in his death making Emma force the Slayers out and temporary locking the Slayers out. Afterwards the Slayers can return to the zone after unlocking fast travel.

During the events of Rage Quit, Emma and Sam B leave the mansion for the last time with Andera finally stopping her constantly clean and relaxing in Emma's master bedroom.

Two additional survivors can appear in the mansion if you complete their side question in Bel-Air. Curtis Sinclair will appear after completing The Death of the Party in the game's room and Amanda Styles will appear, and later leave, under some stairs if you complete #Clickbait.


  • The collectible Journal Llama Milk can be found in the spare bedroom at the foot of the bed.
  • Another journal, Emma's Note is found in the walk-in wardrobe in Emma's bedroom.
  • The journal Omen to Kill Trailer is also found in her bedroom, on a table opposite the bed.
  • Robert Steele installed bullet proof glass into the mansion at some point.
  • When Emma leaves her house and Andrea takes it over, the painting of Emma in the master bedroom is gone and can be located next to a dumpster behind a fuse locked gate near the Goat Pen.
  • Emma mentions that the couch Sam sleeps on was where Robert shot her dog, Sam.
  • Players can find Emma's dog's grave in the game located near one of the gates that lead out of the property.
    • When Michael dies, his grave will appear next to Sam's, with his Mentor of the Year award hanging off of it.


  • The house number is 66 Alpine Drive